Revenge was fired! A subordinate grabbed a knife from a papaya salad shop and stabbed the boss. Running away from death

Revenge of being fired from work His subordinates pleaded with him to be ineffective. Grab a knife from a papaya salad shop and stab the boss without stopping Trying to escape and hold on to his own life, eventually ran to collapse. The hand of the knife turned himself in at the police station.

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At 6:00 p.m. on December 4, 2021 Police Lieutenant Colonel Pornjet Prommoon, Deputy Inspector (Investigation) Pratunam Police Station, Chulalongkorn Pathum Thani Province received reports of quarrel with man stabbed to death street grocery store front Soi Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok 2, Prachathipat Subdistrict, Thanyaburi District, Pathum Thani Province Then rush to check ready. investigative police and the Rescue Unit of the Ruam Kuatyu Foundation

sceneAt the marble table in front of the shop, the body of Mr. Krit, 54 years old, was found in Kaeng Sopha Subdistrict, Wang Thong District, Phitsanulok Province, lying on his back in a pool of blood. There was a stab wound with a sharp object into the chest, 1 wound on the right arm and 1 wound on the right rib. A blood-stained sharp knife fell on it. Witnesses stated that the culprit was Mr. Thanaphon, 48 years old, living in Phu Khao Thong Subdistrict, Nong Phok District, Province. Roi Et is a former subordinate of the deceased.

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” Before, the two had an argument. Because the painting contractor had not finished yet, but Mr. Thanaporn told the owner of the house that it was almost finished. The deceased warned that don’t say that to be a matter of the company And there is also the issue of money in front of the car of the deceased often disappearing. Before the incident, Mr. Thanaporn Walked to the back and pressed the lock on the neck using a knife to stab. The deceased tried to run away and collapsed in front of the shop.”

kill the boss

Pol Lt Col. Surasit Choksoongnern, senator of Pratunam Police Station, Chulalongkorn, revealed that Mr. Thanaphon had traveled to surrender himself to the police station, confessing that his grudge against the deceased was fired from his job, had no work, tried to plead with him to return to work. but the deceased refused. So he grabbed a knife from a papaya salad shop and stabbed the deceased. which officials will investigate and proceed according to the law


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