‘Reversal’ in 2 hours after the security officer’s greeting… “I don’t understand the explanation of a simple error” Inside the police


An unprecedented situation occurred in which the contents of the public safety telegram announced by the National Police Agency on the 21st was overturned within two hours.

Coincidentally, this happened right after the Ministry of Public Administration and Security’s Police System Improvement Advisory Committee’s recommendation that the Ministry of Public Administration and Security should give command, personnel, and disciplinary authority to the police was announced, raising questions about the background.

The positions of the seven police officers have changed from the first announced. The National Police Agency revealed that it was a simple administrative error by the personnel in charge, but the inside of the police, including those who were transferred to the changed position, was shocked.

Previously, in the first personnel announcement of the National Police Agency, Gyeong Chang-cheol, the head of the investigation bureau, was named Yoo Jae-seong, the cyber investigation bureau chief of the National Investigation Headquarters, but in the personnel data released again, Yoon Seung-young, the autonomous police chief of the Chungnam Provincial Police Agency, was appointed as the head of the investigation bureau of the National Police Agency.

In addition, Choi Joo-won, who was appointed as the head of the Cyber ​​Investigation Bureau of the National Police Agency, was appointed as the chief investigative planning coordinator; Police chief changed from head of the National Police Agency Life Safety Bureau to Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Public Safety Deputy Chief, National Police Agency Planning and Coordinator Kim Hak-kwan from the National Police Agency Traffic Bureau to Deputy Chief of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, and Chungcheongbuk-do Police Agency Commissioner Jung Yong-geun was changed from the head of the Central Police Academy to the head of the National Police Agency’s Traffic Bureau. Myeong-gyo Lee, deputy chief of the autonomous police department of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, was named as the head of the Central Police Academy in the secondary personnel data.

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The National Police Agency spokesperson’s office said, “There are several versions of the personnel list during the consultation process, and the working-level worker should upload the final version, but uploaded the intermediate version by mistake.” I found it,” he explained.

However, the police do not understand the explanation of such a ‘simple administrative error’.

A police official said, “There are several approval lines that go through from the announcement of the personnel announcement to the delivery to the local police department, but the possibility of an error is close to zero.” It was delivered, but such an explanation makes no sense.”

Another official said, “If the person in charge of human resources makes a mistake, there is a huge sense of disciplinary action.”


[인사] National Police Agency

the National Police Agency

▷Public Security Officer ΔPlanning Coordinator Kim Junyoung ΔPolice Police Personnel Planning Officer Hoyoung Lee ΔNational Police Agency Security Bureau Chief Hong Ki-hyun ΔNational Police Agency Public Safety and Information Bureau Chief Jo Ji-ho ΔPolice National Investigation Headquarters Investigation Planning Coordinator Choi Joo-won ΔNational Police Agency National Investigation Headquarters Investigation Bureau Director Seung-young Yoon ΔPolice National Investigation Headquarters Criminal Bureau Chief Kim Hee-joong Δ Kim Soon-ho, Director of the National Investigation Headquarters, National Police Agency

▷Public Security ΔPresident Kim Jun-cheol, Director of Public Safety Bureau, National Police Agency ΔPolice Administration Traffic Bureau Director Jeong Yong-geun ΔPolice Office Foreign Affairs Bureau Director Lee Hyung-se

Police Human Resources Development Institute
▷Public Security ΔPresident Byeong-il Song, Director of Police Human Resources Development Center

Central Police Academy
▷Public Security ΔLee Myeong-gyo, head of the Central Police Academy

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Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency
▷Public Security ΔSeoul National Police Agency Deputy Chief of Public Safety Kim Soo-young

▷Public Security ΔSeoul National Police Agency Deputy Chief of Investigation Woo Jong-su ΔSeoul Police Agency Deputy Chief of Autonomous Police Hak-Kwan Kim

Daegu Police Agency
▷Public Security ΔDaegu Police Agency Commissioner Nam-Hyun Kim

Gwangju Police Agency
▷Public Security Δ Lim Yong-hwan, Commissioner of the Gwangju Police Agency

Ulsan Police Agency
▷Public Security ΔPark Seong-ju, Commissioner of Ulsan Police Agency

Gyeonggi Northern Police Agency
▷Public Security ΔLee Moon-soo, Commissioner of Gyeonggi Northern Police Agency

Gangwon Police Agency
▷Public Security ΔKim Do-hyung, Commissioner of the Gangwon National Police Agency

Chungbuk National Police Agency
▷Public Security ΔKim Gyo-tae, Commissioner of the Chungbuk National Police Agency

Chungnam Police Agency
▷Public Security ΔChungnam National Police Agency Commissioner Kim Gap-sik

Jeonbuk National Police Agency
▷Public Security ΔJeonbuk National Police Agency Commissioner Kang Hwang-soo

Jeonnam Police Agency
▷Public Security ΔChung-ho Lee, Commissioner of the Jeonnam National Police Agency

Gyeongbuk National Police Agency
▷Public Security Δ Choi Jong-moon, Commissioner of the Gyeongbuk National Police Agency

Gyeongnam Police Agency
▷Public Security ΔGyeongnam Police Agency Commissioner Kim Byeong-soo

Jeju National Police Agency
▷Public Security ΔJeju National Police Agency Commissioner Lee Sang-ryul


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