Reversal of North Korean official who was murdered in the West Sea… Coast Guard’s interior


“The trauma of disorganization during the Sewol ferry… Coast Guard swayed by the government”
Coast Guard Announces Interim Investigation… The final announcement is handed over to the police station

When the Coast Guard overturned the results of an investigation into the death of an official of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Lee Dae-jun (47 years old at the time of death) in the West Sea in September 2020, after one year and nine months, criticism is spreading even within the organization.

According to the Coast Guard on the 20th, the Incheon Coast Guard held a press briefing on the 16th and was unable to find the intention of Lee, who disappeared in the waters of Soyeonpyeong Island, Ongjin-gun, Incheon on September 21, 2020, but was shot and killed by North Korean soldiers in North Korean waters in the West Sea the next day. said.

Accordingly, the Coast Guard hastily announced that it was judged that Mr. Lee had fled North Korea by relying solely on the Ministry of National Defense data two years ago, and when the government changed, criticized for overturning the results of the investigation without giving proper evidence.

In particular, it was pointed out that the Coast Guard commander was swayed by the regime’s inclinations due to the trauma of experiencing the painful experience of the organization being disbanded due to failure to properly respond to the Sewol ferry accident.

A Coast Guard employee who requested anonymity pointed out, “Where is an investigative agency that changes the existing judgment and does not reveal any evidence?

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Another Coast Guard employee said, “After the Sewol ferry accident, the Coast Guard organization was disbanded and revived.

Internal criticism mixed with self-help followed on the Coast Guard bulletin board of ‘Blind’, an anonymous community of office workers.

An employee of the Coast Guard said, “With this overturn, we have spread our incompetence with our mouths.

Loyalty to the organization is lost,” and another employee sarcastically said, “It was unfair when (the Coast Guard) was disbanded in 2014, but now it seems like it would be the same even if it was disbanded.”

The bulletin board said, “The Coast Guard is a pathetic organization that replies like a parrot to the government’s judgment rather than the judgment of its own investigation, even in the case of the Sewol ferry disaster and the shooting of a public official in the West Sea.” also came up

In fact, the Coast Guard announced the results of the interim investigation 8 days after Mr. Lee disappeared in September 2020 and said it was determined that he had fled North Korea.

The main reasons were intelligence that the military authorities intercepted North Korea’s communications signals and the results of sea drift predictions analyzed by mobilizing specialized agencies.

However, although the final investigation result, which came out after 1 year and 9 months, was completely different from the intermediate investigation result, the Coast Guard did not present any evidence to support the changed conclusion.

At a briefing on the 16th, Kim Dae-han, head of the Incheon Coast Guard’s investigation division, said, “At the time, I had to trust the Ministry of National Defense data.”

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Manager Kim could not properly answer the reporter’s question, “At that time, I trusted the Ministry of National Defense data, but now I don’t trust it. Has the interpretation changed?”

After the incident, the Incheon Coast Guard, not the Coast Guard, which briefed the interim investigation results to the media immediately after the incident, was in charge of announcing the final investigation results.

One Coast Guard employee criticized the command team, saying, “It was really disappointing to see that the Incheon Chief had to carry a gun” to the blind, and another employee said, “Announcing a North Korean defection is at the main office, and the announcement of a reversal is at the Incheon (Coast Police) station. The command is Do I deserve the salute of loyalty?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Park Sang-chun, chief of the Incheon Coast Guard, is known to have raised a problem with the main office before the announcement of the final investigation result, saying, “The main office announced the results of the interim investigation, but why should we report the sensitive final announcement?”

In response, Manager Kim said at the briefing, “The police station that handled this case is the Incheon Coast Guard,” and said, “The main office announced the interim (the result of the investigation), but we know that we briefed because the last place that closed (the case) was the Incheon Coast Guard. There is,” he explained.

'West Sea murdered civil servant' overturns North Korea...  Inside the Coast Guard (comprehensive)

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