Review 23:23 Signal EP.14 : Amazing “Pancakes”, find skeleton “Chakrit”

“Review 23:23 EP.14 signal contract” and then the date Inspector Risa (Khemanit Jamikorn Crempog) wait for him to come to you and Lieutenant Win (Nakul Chanon Santinatornkul) to dig up a skeleton of top male commander (Chakrit Yamnam) after Rongpakdee (Suphot Chancharoen Elevator) Tell Win the truth before attacking and killing him

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Review 23:23 signal contract EP.14

Captain Yodchai (Chakrit Yamnam) Continuing to investigate a case of student gang rape. He looked for clues and asked the meatball seller. It means that this place is not named Ban Rim Bueng. It is called Ban Bua Chompoo. Because in the past, the lotus plant was planted But now it is all dead. Later, Yodchai approached the person who gave him the evidence. but give a lie And also see his son working for TNS or because he receives money from the owner of the company. The uncle’s wife testified, saying it was because the police ordered him to talk like that. Yodchai went to talk to a close friend. Captain Chana (Chalat Na Songkhla) said that this case is being held from the police to witnesses Yodchai is disappointed in his friend. who became a police officer for money, taking money from Komdet Commander (Young Kongkapan) Chana talks about the need for family expenses. Cause receiving money from Komdet Win Warn Yodchai It was that this cause continues to fight in vain. Top Chai goes to Komdet When asked whether this case was related to TNS or not, Komdej took Yodchai to see him. a vine A female student who was gangbanged by Deputy Phakdee (Elevator Suphot) under investigation The big man could not stand it. go in and talk to Lada pressure to tell the truth Who is the real villain? But Lada said that the person who hurt her was Wat (Non Sadanon) brother Lieutenant Win (Nakul Chanon) Yodchai was very disappointed with Lada’s answer. The tallest man despises Komdet. Do you think money can buy everything in the world? Komdej emphasized that the perpetrator of this case was Wat.

Return to the present Inspector Risa (Khemanit Crempog) Came to visit Win, my best friend. who is now opening a chicken rice shop He came to inquire about the case of female students being raped by gangs. and said that Phakdee had died He tried to inquire about the past. But win only tell where this story happened because Yodchai refused to let go of this cause Win fell into a trap nation and seeing that there is a mirror hanging in the car like the car that was seen in the hospital the night the faithful Mae Win was attacked tells this story to Risa. I wonder why the nation would hurt loyalty even though he is a very careful person Win takes a look at a deserted place. who thinks that this is the place where the nation brought the evidence of the body of the highest man to hide it The two of them tried to find evidence that Risa gave. Dab Chaley (Jaturong Photharam) check phone signal have faithful been to this place The couple found a spade. So hurry up and dig through the ground there. Risa found Yod Man’s wristwatch. she immediately cried As for Win, he digs until he finds a skull. human skeleton They both sat in shock for a long time. Risa cried a lot. Win and Risa Bring all the skeletons to forensics to verify their identity. He thought back to working with Yodchai. After the case, a female student was gang-raped. That day it was found that Chan had resigned from the police force. And Yodchai still hasn’t come to work.

Risa went to see the best man at home. which is a watch repair shop meet Yodchai’s father He walked down to meet Risa. She talks about winning a resignation. and saw a white envelope So I knew Yodchai would resign from the police force too. Yodchai’s father teases that this couple is a couple. They both quickly refused. and also invites them to eat lunch together Yodchai and Risa go shopping in the market. Risa enters the kitchen, planning to cook for Yodchai’s father. Although she doesn’t look that good. The couple became closer and spent more time together. Father Yodchai said that this year’s anniversary was very special. I haven’t celebrated my birthday in many years. Because best men make marriages Also, Chomrisa doesn’t stop talking. Risa drank with Yodchai’s father, Yodchai, she was so drunk that Yodchai had to ride her back. and also pleaded not for Yodchai to resign He said the best policeman I ever met was a great man.

Yodchai’s father after knowing that he found a skeleton of Yodchai Come and see Risa immediately. They both hugged each other for support. He asked Risa to take him to see Yodchai. Yodchai’s father stood talking to his son, and Risa Win cried with him. Win thought back to when he could still talk to Yodchai over the radio. Later, Yodchai’s father brings the son’s skeleton to perform religious ceremonies, with Risa Win and former police friends joining the event. Risa thinks back in the past that Yodchai was thrown on a charge of accepting bribes .Father Yodchai Risa doesn’t believe that he really did that. Risa signals that she will find Yodchai. While she went to look in the upper man’s room She finds Yodchai’s case book. Risa tried to find Yodchai but couldn’t find him. After finishing the religious merit ceremony for Yodchai, Yodchai’s father brought his son’s picture to Yodchai’s bedroom. Dad still can’t make up his mind Crying all the time, including Risa herself too. From Wat Brother Win’s past events He remembered when his brother was arrested. The big man stood and looked dejected. Unable to help innocent people Yodchai went to see Wat’s mother. To find out more about Wat Yodchai then continued his search for Win. Win sat during childhood thinking about his brother. Father goes to work Yodchai looks for Win until he finds him. At Somtam restaurant, Win orders American fried rice. Yodchai asked the seller to do it for me. and then pay for it yourself while sitting down to eat Win remembers when he talked to Wat to invite his parents to eat American fried rice. He was eating and crying. with the tallest man sitting watching Join to win and watch the series “23:23 Signal Agreement” every Friday – Saturday at 8:00 PM, free to watch on all networks in TrueID.

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