Review 23:23 Signal EP.4 : “Pancake” almost dead on duty “Nakul” can help in time.

“Review 23:23 EP.4 signal contract” Inspector Risa (Khemanit Jamikorn Crempog) almost died in the line of duty After hunting for the real serial killer from a case 30 years ago, because she was almost the next victim, that’s good Lieutenant Win (Nakul Chanon Santinatornkul) with Dab Chaley (Jaturong Photharam) follow up to help in time Captain Yodchai (Chakrit Yamnam) still able to communicate with Win from time to time Through communication, Win seems to have a shortcut to finding clues more easily.

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Review 23:23 signal contract EP.4

in 1990 Captain Yodchai (Chakrit Yamnam) Borrow a friend’s phone from the police to call them. Rudee (Yok Phaksnan) Be careful because you are receiving news from a radio communication that Lieutenant Win (Nakul Chanon) The one who told him, but the police friends did not believe Yodchai. So he came up with a trick to fool his fellow policemen. to escape keep running to find Rudee at home Wang saved her life as Win suggested. Inspector Risa (Khemanit Crempog) He came to help analyze the killer involved in the serial murder case in Chachoengsao Province. Nanwut (Shane Atharut) a forensic examination officer collects evidence confidentially for examination Dab Chaley (Jaturong Photharam) To say that Win said that to Risa Another killer appears to kill another woman. After the team has demolished the case for the last 30 years, which is quite thought provoking. Risa separated to find out Uncle Saad (Yani Tramote) The bus driver in Chachoengsao, but he did not find an answer Dab and asked to see the CCTV. Uncle Songdad’s abnormality was detected. Yanwut has hidden fingerprints.

On the other hand, Win goes to look for information about Uncle Sangad’s history in another way. He got information from a friend of the bus driver. A quiet uncle gets a bad wife. Likes to tie up his son and leave him at home and run away all the time until his wife runs away Later, the answer sword calls Risa to say that the fingerprint information confirms that the uncle is the killer. And also ordered Win to go to the hospital to follow Risa. But Win didn’t believe it. because the information related to when Win talks to Yodchai on the radio is inconsistent On the other hand, Risa is in the hospital. trying to find the real culprit that happened that day after an uncle got on the bus quietly to park in the garage saw his son tie a rope to a bus bag and kill her in the bush when Manat (Kirati oak) The son saw his uncle quietly. So hurry up and run away As for Risa, she meets Manat who is in the hospital. Meanwhile, Win called Risa. She stood with her back to the man who was lying down. He took the opportunity to weave salt water to choke Risa. Win rushed straight to the hospital. along with the open sword to help Risa

While Uncle Silad decided to meet the police in order to surrender himself and accept the confession, Risa went to meet Deputy Phakdee (Elevator Suphot) To confirm that Uncle Silpa is not the real murderer But the real murderer was his uncle’s son, Manas. When Deputy Phakdee asks for evidence Risa Answered no. before the next morning There will be a press conference about Uncle Sadd. That night, Win used a radio to communicate with Yodchai again. Win asks about Rudee. Yodchai asked what year Win lived. Has the killer been caught? Yodchai continued to ask if Uncle Silad was the murderer, right? Win said no. but his uncle’s son Yodchai cried and regretted that he could not help Rudi in time. For he saw when Rudi was killed in the middle of the grass Yodchai said if the murderer still cannot be caught. He is going to kill with his own hands. Yodchai goes to look for Manat in Uncle Songad’s house and sees Manat coming. Shouted out and told him to run away. Manat ran away from Yodchai until he reached a corner where his uncle came quietly to help his son. Chakrit put a gun in Manas to make him confess. But he still didn’t accept it, walking back slowly. until he fell from the second floor Yodchai tried to help remove his hand but he could not hold up As a result, Manas became paralyzed and could not walk for the rest of his life. Stay in bed until now

Win meets with the team and tells them that he is trying to find out why Uncle Silad killed Bang-On. Win and Risa go to Bang-On’s accommodation. On the way, he asked about Risa’s condition after being strangled. He began to worry more about her. Dab answers the call to check Bang-On’s financial trail. They found that there should be quite a few money problems. The couple arrived at the accommodation. Dismantling belongings in Bang-On’s room Win found an important clue in Bang-On’s bag, 2 days before he was murdered. He went to Chachoengsao Later, Marisa and Win went to search Bang-On’s sister’s house. before finding another clue in the bag, said Bang-on’s sister at that time Try to find something in this bag. Win then hurried to the hospital to see Manat again. Manas physical exam to find some evidence

On the day of the press conference, there was another police team. Bring proof. Colonel Komdej (Young invulnerable) to announce the real killer From the case of a serial murder over 30 years ago, during that time, Risa was holding evidence to come to Komdet. to say that the real criminal was found Then many questions arose from journalists. Komdech then asked Risa to do a press conference by herself. She informs that Uncle Silent is not the real killer. along with revealing the identity of the sly serial killer Win questions Uncle Silang again. During the events of that day, Bang-On argued with Uncle Sangad about why he didn’t tell the police. But the silent uncle avoid making Bang Orn is even more suspicious Also, I saw the incident when Manas attacked Rudi. The uncle took the money quietly to hide his mouth. Causing later, after 30 years, Uncle Sangad decided to kill Bang-On in the same way as his son after completing the mission Win told Risa to rest. As for Win, when he returned home I miss my brother Wat (Non Sadanon) He sat thinking about Wat and reminiscing about the past when he was a child. He went to Wat Phi Ban. And found that Wat Non had died inside the house Join to win and watch the series “23:23 Signal Agreement” every Friday – Saturday at 8:00 PM, free to watch on all networks in TrueID.

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