Review 23:23 Signal EP.8: “Pancakes” recalling the good times when working with “Chakrit” (with clip)

“Review 23:23 Signal EP.8” Inspector Risa (Khemanit Jamikorn Pancakes) Bring back memories of working with them Captain Yodchai (Chakrit Yamnam) There are only good moments Lieutenant Win (Nakul Chanon Santinatornkul) Cessation of communication with Yodchai To the point of leaving radio communication that can communicate with Yodchai.

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Review signal contract 23:23 EP.8

Rome (About Settawut) son Prosecutor Manoon Have to find the diamond necklace that was taken. bring it back to an uncle or minister who knows Later, at a press conference for the project to build a road along the eastern beach. A reporter was asking about Rome. The minister said he believed in the prosecutor. because he was a civil servant who was directly related to Qin Captain Yodchai (Chakrit Yamnam) he came to the press conference Ask about the medium which is not yet complete. Including closed cases, although there are pending issues in the current year. Inspector Risa (Khemanit Crempog) return to normal operation. Lieutenant Win (Nakul Chanon) Ask for willingness to work Win asked if he could go back in time. Risa wants to go back and fix something. Win also said, whatever was in the past, let it be in the past. and to make the best of the present One night at 11:23 pm, Yodchai Win called again. Talk about the middle that disappeared from the shadow thief. Win said in a tense voice. Having said that I agree with Yodchai saying that our contact should not happen at all. Win reasoned that because we can’t change the world The more you change, the more chaotic He saw the truth from Risa’s shot. Yodchai asked Win for advice. Where can I find the middle items? But Win didn’t answer. and the signal was cut off.

Win brought Yodchai’s biography document to destroy the document, with Deputy Phakdee (Elevator Suphot) lurking He dropped everything including the communication radio he used to talk to Yodchai. Loyalty follows to see what’s in the bag. Wondering why Win gave up the radio The next day, Phakdee asked to speak to Risa. He asked if he remembered the radio that Yodchai liked to carry with him or not. making Risa think back to the past Yod man teaching Risa to drive At that time, Risa was the cutest youngster in the team. Waiting to make coffee for the policemen when Risa brings coffee to Yodchai He was caught saying that was not the police’s job. One day, Risa brought a can of coffee and placed it on Yodchai’s desk. She saw an old radio. Yodchai’s friend said it was Yodchai’s personal talisman. although it can no longer be used but carried with him all the time Want Win to research the story of Yodchai or not? Phakdee issued a warning not to mess things up like in the past.

lately Rabbit man talk about great men that he and Yodchai were fascinated by the same cause It was a case where his lover died 25 years ago, but Yodchai suddenly disappeared and still brought a picture of his lover Saitharn to show Risa’s team. He said she was his girlfriend at first. when he was a photographer’s assistant after dating he killed himself He asked for help to find his love. because he believes that Satharn is not dead Cut to the past there is a beautiful woman Bring the necklace to ask the selling price in a shop. Underneath the necklace box is a data disk. Yodchai asked to see the CCTV cameras in the shop. Reminding him of a time when the head had warned that what Rome stole contained extremely valuable information. Colonel Komdej (Young invulnerable) who at the time was the leader of the elite man He invited Risa to work outside, let her drive and said that the mission that day was love. Risa felt better with Yodchai. The couple came to Satharn’s room but could not find her because she had moved a long time ago. Yodchai orders Risa to Go after and check the correct phone number of Sai Than. until you get the right number Yodchai said he would refund the phone bill. This made Risa more impressed by the best man. Later, they both went to Sai Than’s new address. Neighbors said that no one lived because the daughter of this house had committed suicide. following him to the funeral found that the girl they were looking for was Saithan’s funeral

After receiving the task of finding Sai Tarn, Dab Chaley (Jaturong Photharam) with Yannawut (Shane Atharut) It is very difficult to say logically. Risa protested that if this case had any clues, it would be interesting. Win discovers why Yodchai is drawn to Saitharn’s death. But Risa argued why she was interested in Yodchai. Risa thinks that the disappearance of the Diamond Night Diamond necklace could be connected to the shadowless thief case Win continues to search for clues. who confirmed that it was actually Saitarn’s body, Risa went to speak to Saitarn’s sister She confirmed that she was definitely a sister, regarding the goodbye letter cremated with the body because I can’t make up my mind Regarding the results of the autopsy, none. because the family does not allow Win analyzes whether it is possible that Saitharn did not commit suicide. Also, wearing pyjamas, walking very far from home to commit suicide, going back to the year when the best man was working. He is looking for clues. Until I got the information that Rome and flirting friends bring girls to be unique and saw Saitarn also visit Rome at home Yodchai thinks she plans to come back to steal things. and think if Saitharn is dead Where will the disk go? Fakwin and Nanwut followed to collect evidence from the shop where Saitharn went. According to the pictures her boyfriend gave information Win found a book. and there is doubt when asked by the owner of the shop Having informed that it was probably a book that the customer had forgotten. Examining the fingerprints, they matched Saitharn, Risa was confident that Saitharn was not dead. But she has been avoiding it for 25 years.

Risa ordered the team to investigate more information. Saithan’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. hospital As for Kanin, Saitharn’s girlfriend gives Risa a clip of more information. On Win’s side, he went looking for a modeling company that Saitarn used to live with. He was informed that Saitarn was the first set of children sent to customers. At that time, the stream seemed to have a problem. not entertaining customers But fortunately, customers like this. the customer is in Rome In the past, friends of Rome Ask Father Rome to help his friend’s father who is suffering from corruption. which Rome refused at first So the friend said if he didn’t help, he would send a clip of Rome drunk and dragging the stream up to the room to rape for the police to see. For fear of being blackmailed by friends, Rome had to sneak into the houses of all his friends. Because I don’t know which disk is stored at a friend’s house. but for convenience So other items had to be taken out as well. This is the reason why Satharn is thinking about suicide. At that time, Yodchai asked for information from Kanin and asked for his address. imagine A close friend of Satharn who likes to cast together. But at the funeral, Saitarn Jintana was not going to a friend’s funeral. Yanawut brings information about Jintana to Risa. after arriving at the hotel I can’t find my imagination Risa analyzes that it helps when Saitharn’s boyfriend meets Jintana comes to Bangkok. close together Join to win and watch the series “23:23 Signal Agreement” every Friday – Saturday at 8:00 PM, free to watch on all networks in TrueID.

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