REVIEW | Dreame H12 Pro floor cleaning machine, can suck, mop, dry, complete in one round Comes with a built-in disinfection system

Cleaning the house once takes a long time. Why would you have to keep sweeping all the dust from every nook and cranny? When finished, then wipe and mop the floor again to make the floor completely clean. Only this, we have to walk around several times and sweat already. This time, I would like to introduce Dreame H12 Pro, a wireless floor cleaner. which can be swept and rubbed at once Comes with cool features such as disinfection mode Self-cleaning with hot air blast and roller brush design that can be used to rub in both directions It is convenient to clean.

Vacuum the floor – mop the floor at the same time. Handles wet and dry waste

The Dreame H12 Pro is a multifunctional floor cleaner that is easy to use and holds everything. Whether it is sweeping, mopping, along with washing, cleaning, brushing and drying in the body. Use this machine alone and it’s over. It does not take up much storage space

Let’s try to meet dust and general dry trash. This man is easy to handle. Just rub a little, it doesn’t take much. Because the machine will have a light pull on.

Enough to meet the liquid as when the water was lost Rub it twice and you are done. Keep the work absolutely clean.

The brush is well made to wipe both corners.

Its brush head is a cloth roller. It has two open corners that move easily into corners. Collect dust and dirt along the edges well.

Cleaning methods cover all applications.

How to use it, press the button on the handle. Available as an Auto mode button to detect floor dirt and adjust the strength accordingly. For example, when encountering an area with very dirty debris around the screen, there will be a red circle. But if it is open land without much debris, it will appear in a green circle as in the picture.

Available in suction mode when you want to suction a lot of water or liquid impurities and another option is Ultra mode which will turn normal water into a disinfectant. Or add chlorine to the water through the Salt Electrolysis function. When you turn this mode on, you must wait 30 seconds for the device to complete its work before using it.

It can be used continuously for 35 minutes, definitely enough to use

Dreame H12 Pro has a clean water tank with a capacity of 900 ml and a waste water tank with a capacity of 700 ml It uses a 4500 mAh battery inside the device. Enough for continuous use for up to 35 minutes (can be fully charged in 4.5 hours), which is enough to clean the room. Or different areas in the house, the Auto mode that adjusts the suction power according to the dirty conditions will help to use energy more efficiently.

easy to clean the machine Built-in washable roller brush

When we finished mopping. can press to order the machine to wash its own brushes by placing it on the platform and then press the button to order to clean Now the brush will rotate against the existing ribs in the base. using bidirectional rotation Makes various dirt particles come off easily, butAlthough there is a Self-Cleaning system, the crowd can also be removed.

Also, don’t forget to open the inside to lift the filter inside to wash it. and wipe the inside of the waste water suction port To keep the inside clean and prevent anything from blocking the dirt sensor as well

convenient storage with dryer Ready to charge the device at the same time

When the brush is being washed, the Dreame H12 Pro also has the ability to blow the brush dry with hot air. Press and let it work until it dries completely. Suitable for people who are not comfortable hanging out. or don’t want to waste time taking it off Also while we put it to dry. can charge from the docking station That is, put it in one place, manage to prepare and store everything.

simple assembly parts

Another convenience is the design of its equipment. which does not have many mechanisms, the main part is a clean water collector at the back to release water to clean and then come to collect in the tank in front When adding water or pouring water, take it out and handle it and put in the same place.

Inside the machine is an internal filter. Disassemble Let it dry and then put it back in.

As for the brush that mops the floor, there is a lid. and the brush can be squeezed to clean

The stand is also a charger for the vacuum cleaner. and built-in device storage There is also space for scrubbing and cleaning brushes in the tank. with a place to dry the brush next to it like this

In general, parts included in the box are as follows.

  1. main unit
  2. handle
  3. 2 filters (one spare)
  4. cleaning brush
  5. charging base
  6. accessory holder
  7. 2 brush rollers (one spare)
  8. Cleaner
  9. Thai language guide

practical use summary

Dreame H12 Pro, after trying it, found that it helps to clean the house much easier, whether he cleans normally every week. Or will it help to dry when pouring debris? This will save time well. And because he can do almost everything on his own. It can be replaced by a broom, a mop, a bucket of water, which is considered to be collected in one device. This saves a lot of storage space.

In addition to the simple assembly and disassembly design self-cleaning system With hot air blower, this is very impressive because it can be easily stored after cleaning.

As for the battery that can be used for 35 minutes per charge. It is enough to clean the room. or if you want to take it to clean another place When charging, it will allow it to clean the brush and wait too. Ready to take to work.

So, anyone looking for a power saver If you want a one-stop house cleaning assistant, I recommend Dreame H12 Pro It is attached to the house. Ensure a more comfortable life

For those interested, the Dreame H12 Pro can be ordered at the Dreame Official Store, priced at 20,990 baht.
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and can follow promotions and details on Facebook Dreame Thailand

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