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Review Galaxy Tab S7 FE with 1 month of actual use, a great value tablet that gives you more than just a good specification.

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It has been with us for more than a month now for the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, a large Samsung tablet that after we try to use it regularly continuously. Today I would like to tell you about the actual working experience of this model to see how useful it is. And if it really works, can it replace a computer? Ready to follow!

Streamlined work anywhere

The highlight of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE is its value for money and responds to all kinds of work. like our actual use Of course, it can be used for work, whether it’s writing articles or searching for information on the website, it can be used perfectly. It’s great to have a big screen tablet that’s always ready to work.

The screen of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE is large, up to 12.4 inches, called the big brothers and sisters, laptops, and that’s it. But with the shape of a tablet, we can easily carry it with us. Can be taken out and used at any time Unlike a laptop or notebook that may require a more readily available desk

Plus the size and weight are still light enough for us to use for a long time. Want to edit a little bit or check the accuracy again before submitting the actual work? It can be done by holding it in your hand without having to find a place to stand or set it up as a matter of fact. We say that here is the flexibility that the Galaxy Tab S7 FE really does better than a laptop.

The large screen makes it easy to use multiple apps.

In addition to the ease of use immediately If we have to sit and work more seriously, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE also supports a variety of tasks as a laptop, such as the Multi Windows feature or use multiple windows on the screen, which is very convenient. Like I said, I’ve been using the Tab S7 FE in writing articles on the website for a while now. There must be information or references at the same time. When we divide two screens at the same time, one app is used to read news and the other is to type information on the web. It’s quite convenient. You don’t have to keep switching apps all the time. The work was done faster.

Or if anyone is still addicted to using the PC style on the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, there is also a DeX mode that will change the Android tablet screen to look more like a PC computer. It will allow us to work more smoothly. Each app will float as a window for us to drag around or zoom in more than ever.

Here, if we use it together with the Keyboard Cover, it’s even more compatible. Because we will be able to work in many things like a real laptop, plus when typing, it will feel very close to the keyboard. It will work with a wireless mouse as well.

Comes with an S Pen, no need to charge, no need to buy

Another thing that we like on the Galaxy Tab S7 FE is the use of writing and writing because this model has an S Pen in the box. Ready to use right out of the box No need to buy more to pay for it. As for the ability of the S Pen, anyone who has used the previous Galaxy Note or Tab would love the pointy pen head suitable for writing. It also allows mold to be used without worry because this S Pen doesn’t need to charge the battery at all. Can be used all day

It works well for taking notes or drawing pictures. In this case, we use the Samsung Notes that come with the device to sketch or sketch a guide in the design of the cover image in the review. Called easy to plan, works well, no less. From the usual we may have to sketch on paper. Drawing in a file like this is easier to use.

To take notes, the Samsung Notes app also has a feature to convert our handwriting to typed characters. Sometimes when we need to jot down information in a quick way, we can just use our handwriting. and then convert it to a character later (Handwriting to Text) that can be used in both Thai and English to use it for work or to pass it on Of course, handwriting is faster than typing.

And another cool thing is that the S Pen itself doesn’t need to be complicated to charge or pair. Take it out of the box and it’s ready to use right away. The handle has a push button to use as well. When a shortcut like Air Command is called up, take the S Pen and press it to run immediately.

the meeting was great

In this era of online meetings I believe that many people must have online meetings or use some video calls. Likewise, in our use, we have the same, which the Galaxy Tab S7 FE answers here as well. Because the front camera resolution is 5MP, the view is wide enough. Plus, the best thing is the microphone that comes with up to 3 units, making video calls or chatting online good without having to rely on headphones. The sound from the speaker was loud. The sound from the microphone was clear. or anyone who has to study online There must be a response to the teacher. Need to take notes immediately, the included S Pen can do that at the same time.

Entertainment is complete.

In terms of actual work, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE answers us very much, both the screen is gigantic enough to work. And of course, it’s enough for entertainment purposes as well. Let’s watch a movie or series. This is very cool. Because of the size that is so vivid Carry it for use outside the home. You can use it as a mobile entertainment device. in terms of clarity The colors are very well done. This one we would like to see. Even if the specification is just a TFT, but if you really watch the movie, there is no problem at all. WQXGA level clarity answers this question very much.

Galaxy S7 FE’s speakers are also horizontal, dual speakers, Dolby Atmos, 3D surround sound and AKG. Ideal for use as a portable entertainment device Will play music in a loud sound or watch movies without headphones, the more the answer to the question.

More convenient when using with Galaxy Ecosystem

Galaxy Ecosystem is another point that we are using as well. When coming together with the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, it adds a lot of advantages. For example, the smartphone we use is the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it is very easy to connect and send files. For example, in our work, we have images that need to be saved on mobile phones before wanting to continue using them on tablets, can be sent via Quick Share.

With a very good compatibility of the Ecosystem, when you want to connect to WiFi Hotspot from a smartphone, just be the same account, open WiFi, and the S21 Ultra’s Hotspot option will immediately come up without having to go to settings. It’s difficult to use or enter the code here. I like it very much.

will work with headphones Here we use the Galaxy Buds Live when connecting or switching is easy. Connect via tablet to watch movies. and then want to switch to listen to music on the Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone that used to be connected and press play No need to disconnect from one device first and then come back to connect another device to make it difficult.

Or you can receive calls directly from the screen of the tablet that is connected to the same Samsung Account as the smartphone. When a call comes in but the smartphone is far away active on tablet We were able to press to answer the call from the tablet immediately! The Galaxy Ecosystem is what we really like.

Very durable battery with 45W fast charging

Ending with the battery that we really like on this model because the Galaxy Tab S7 FE gives the battery up to 10,090mAh, allowing us to use it for a long time. Even if it’s working or watching movies, listening to music for entertainment, this level of battery helps us to worry about it.

In addition, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE also has a fast charging system that is up to 45W. When charging with a charger that supports standard PD 45W, it will be Super Fast Charge 2.0. This is very fast, about 90 minutes is fully charged.

Summary of over a month of use of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE

In conclusion, over a month of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, I must say that it is a large tablet that we like very much. It is another model that can be trusted to use very well. Whether it’s a serious work use that meets us well in editing work immediately, especially if there is a Keyboard Cover, it can be used instead of a laptop in some situations. Size and weight that is easy to carry, even if the screen size is as large as 12.4 inches or if it is a play, it will be satisfied to watch movies. Play the game with the provided specs. I think that’s enough. All this is a review summary of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE after using it for more than 1 month. Anyone who is looking for a large-screen tablet at an affordable price, we recommend the Galaxy Tab S7 FE as one of the options. This model is reliable!

There are 2 models to choose from, the price is less than 20,000 baht.

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE is launched in two versions, Wi-Fi and LTE (the model we reviewed), with a few differences in specs: the Wi-Fi model will use the Snapdragon 778G chipset, while the LTE version. will use the Snapdragon 750G chip, the price is as follows

  • Galaxy Tab S7 FE Wi-Fi model (Snapdragon 778G) price 17,990 baht
  • Galaxy Tab S7 FE LTE model (Snapdragon 750G) price 19,990 baht

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