REVIEW | Nokia X10 5G Review, Best Mobile Phone, FHD+ Screen, ZEISS Camera, Ultrawide, Slide Games Play, Only 5,999 baht.

Nokia X10 5G It is considered a mobile phone with a very interesting specification + price.The price is only 5,999 baht But get 5G use, FHD + screen, ZEISS brand rear camera, durable battery with Android 13 system guaranteed to be updated for up to 3 years as well. What will the actual use be like? And how good is the rear camera? Is it worth the price or not… We’ll see.

machine design

The Nokia X10 5G has a body design that emphasizes curves. on the edge of the machine and on the corner of the machine I couldn’t find the square part which was the corner The back cover uses plastic material, the surface is smooth but not shiny. Therefore, many fingerprints cannot be seen.

The rear camera is on the round module in the center above with the ZEISS logo which has 4 cameras surrounded, next to the left is an LED flash.

The right edge of the machine has a volume button + power button which is also a fingerprint sensor. The left edge of the machine has a SIM tray. and a button to call the Assistant, but unfortunately the button cannot be customized to do anything else besides call the assistant or deactivate the button altogether

Assistant call button

FHD+ display, watch Netflix HD

This mobile phone uses a 6.67-inch LCD screen with FHD + resolution, a hole punch design in the middle of the top for installing a selfie camera. The panel is bright enough to use outdoors without focusing too much.

It also supportsYou can also watch Netflix in HD. Let me tell you that this price is FHD + screen and Netflix HD. It’s worth it. but suggests that while watching Bring headphones to use as well to get a better mood. because the speaker of this model has only one sound and the sound is quite dry … not satisfied

specification and use

Even using a not very powerful Snapdragon 480 chip But it can be used in general without interruption, it will have many tabs open on Chrome, switching back and forth without any sluggishness or stuttering.

Playtest popular 3D graphics games like ROV, PUBG or even The Genshin effect It’s fine, just adjust the graphics accordingly. (What I play is to modify the default graphics)

NOKIA X10 5G Specifications

  • screen IPS LCD size 6.67 finger FHD+ resolution (1080 x 2400)
  • CPU: Snapdragon 480 5G
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • ROM: 128
  • 4 rear cameras
    • main camera 48MP
    • 5MP ultrawide camera
    • depth camera 2MP
    • 2MP macro camera
  • Front camera: 8MP
  • Connection: 4G, 5G WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Sensor: Fingerprint (machine side), face recognition system, automatic screen on/off system when talking, image rotation sensor system, automatic image rotation system
  • Audio system: 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Battery: 4470 mAh, supports 18W fast charging
  • Android 13 system

ZEISS rear camera

A total of 4 rear cameras are provided, which includes 48 main cameras.MP+ 5MP + Ultrawide Camera depth camera 2MP + 2MP Macro Camera Nokia has developed a camera system with ZEISS to increase photography efficiency.

In addition to portrait mode, the front and rear cameras also have a post-ZEISS blur filter to choose from.

Video recording can be done up to 1080p 60fps, along with an EIS anti-shake feature to help increase smoothness. But such features can only be opened at 1080p 30fps resolution. Oh… there’s also a wind noise reduction feature to activate during shooting as well.

1080p 30fps Anti-shake off

1080p 30fps, anti-shake on

1080p 60fps no stabilization

There is a Cinema mode which is great for shooting video. Because the files are of higher quality and of course take up more space. In this way, White Balance, Focus, ISO, Shutter Speed, EV can be set, but the image resolution will not reach the FHD level It will be available in 1920 x 822 / 24fps 50Mbps and 1920 x 822 / 24fps 20Mbps. And there is also the option to select the file format as H-Log for adding more colors.

The front camera of the Nokia X10 5G has a resolution of 8MP, which can capture portraits, and when taking photos, it can also be used to adjust the blur level. or other features, but for beauty mode very few features Because it can only adjust 10 level smoothness

When it comes to shooting Vlogs, the wow factor is that stabilization is included. Makes walking, taking selfie videos and looking still, look smoother and more comfortable. But in this way, the decision cannot be modified. because it is limited to 1080p 30fps Both opening and closing anti-vibration

Selfie 1080p 30fps with anti-shake on

Selfie 1080p 30fps with anti-shake off


The 4470 mAh battery can be used for general use throughout the day. Tested using since waking up at 10 am connected to WiFi, playing the internet constantly, watching YouTube sometimes, playing games for about half an hour, taking pictures, shooting videos. Go out on 5G, chat sometimes, use the internet, listen to some music. Even at night, the battery still has a long time to use.

Full test by opening YouTube, watching clips, 6 hours 30 minutes long, connected via WiFi, about 60% screen light, about 60% sound, found 50% battery left.



  • The price is very friendly.
  • Get an FHD+ screen
  • 128GB capacity
  • Watch Netflix HD
  • smooth general use
  • Play 3D games comfortably.
  • The universal rear camera can be used for mobile phones at this price level.
  • It has an ultrawide camera
  • Clear face selfies after blurring and can be further adjusted
  • Video recording with front and rear anti-shake Moderately stable / movies can be shot
  • Support 5G
  • The screen can be used in the sun. Don’t concentrate too much
  • There is a 3.5 mm headphone hole.
  • As well as headphones with a cable included in the box.
  • Long lasting battery / 18W fast charging too
  • 3 years of Android updates


  • The front camera beauty mode has no features at all.
  • Ultrawide cameras cannot shoot at night
  • Portrait mode is not smooth.
  • Single speaker, dry sound, almost no low range

Anyone looking for a mobile phone at an affordable price Complete specifications, play 3D games, watch HD movies, very good cameras, still images and videos, supports 5G and will also receive system updates for a long time. Let me tell you that the Nokia X10 5G is a very interesting option, one model … recommend it!

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