Review of Bad guys, hunting to clean the city EP.9 : M Surasak solves the pain in the past Day of losing a girl!

Review “Bad guys chase the city” EP.9 Sky (Naphat Wikairungroj) knows the evil plan of Inspector Phithak (M Surasak Wongthai) while Captain Alice (Ning Chanya McCleary) clears his mind until Inspector Phithak is cornered must open to tell stories from the past he had to pay tribute from Hea Hee (Jon Kajonsak Rattananissai) so that his daughter could go study abroad after winning the scholarship But then they have to meet a murderer and she killed her daughter on a rainy night that night.

Review of Bad guys, hunting to clean the city EP.9 : M Surasak solves the pain in the past

Looking back Bad men hunt to clean up the city EP.9

Captain Alice (Ning Chanya McClory) shouts Inspector Phithak (M Surasak Wongthai) is behind the plot to kill everyone and finally Hello Hem (Jon Kajonsak Rattananissai) kills Sky because a giant (Yuan Kawinrat Yosamornsoontorn) does not accept this position (Naphat Wikairungroj) according to Commander-in-Chief Namchai (Surasak Chaiyaat) race (Got Jirayu Tantrakul) also had a job to kill Sky before. in (Gov Agra) who takes the job to kill Sky and Race. In which Inspector Phithak sarcastically replied to Captain Alice that he was behind the attempt to pursue Sky and the Giant. Inspector Phithak then vented his emotions that he would not have been aware of this pain if there was no one in himself.

in the past Two years ago, the atmosphere at the police station Everyone was blown away by the sound of the piano. “Ning” where Inspector Phithak’s daughter plays everyone is very happy That night, Inspector Phithak sent his daughter to a friend’s birthday party. That night, it was reported that a young woman had been killed. Who has killed 13 bodies for the rain killer Killed and left no trace. As well as killing, he also treats the body as meticulously as a work of art. that night in the past Inspector Phitaksa came to celebrate at the liquor store. together with junior police officers Until I met a gangster who bullies women and then a giant came to help control that group of gangsters. Yak gave the girl money to go to school and find a good job. Yak told Hia Heem (Jon Kajonsak Rattananissai) that he wanted to take a break from being a gangster. I want to pray for my father Inspector Phithak sends his son to piano lessons And Inspector Phithak’s daughter has gone to study in America. But the girl still hasn’t told her father. Ning’s daughter wants to give up her right because there are restrictions on income Inspector Pitak looked worried because of the cost there. Inspector Phithak wants his children to go to school but he still thinks about the cost. Which is a difficult problem in Inspector Pitak’s life again.

Hi Hem meets Inspector Pithak Hi Hem tries to pay his respects to Inspector Pitak. But Inspector Pitak did not receive the money. for their children to go and study in America. Desperately he tells Captain Alice, Ning, to try to find a job. But he came to see the coop mother tricked to come and receive guests. But Ning doesn’t want to do it. The guests tried to disturb. Ning hit his face and saw the guest attacking him and beating him until he bruised his whole body until he had to be sent to hospital. Inspector Phithak came to visit her daughter in hospital. Ning wants to earn money to study abroad according to his dreams Inspector Phitak attacked the other party in anger. But Ning is sad and wants to help his father. and accept your own fate That night, Inspector Phithak came to see Hee Hem in the shop.

is in the past a giant he will ordain for his father, but in fact, the giant has to go to prison instead of Hee Hem the life of giants Until finally, Inspector Phithak received a tribute from Hea Hee. about the future of the girl Cewri going to prison instead. That night, 2 years ago, Inspector Phithak had an urgent job. Ning is home alone. Inspector Phithak follows the criminal and the police gang until late in the morning, turning around until he finally sees the person in the closed circuit as Sky. holding the same item as the suspect That night, the inspector went to catch Sky in his girlfriend Jan’s room, then investigated the killing of 14 bodies and arranged them as works of art. why do that And why go to show every case? Sky can’t answer. and he said he didn’t remember Air Inspector Then he ordered to turn off the CCTV. Sky practiced, but Sky still doesn’t remember who he ever killed Commander Namchai let Inspector Phithak find a way to investigate Sky to know why it has appeared at the location of each case.

Sky was put in a lie detector. He admits that he killed people but that the dead body wasn’t his abscess, and the machine notes that he wasn’t lying. Thieves break into Skye’s house. Kill Skye’s parents. When Sky comes back to meet the thief Sky then killed the two thieves. But the prosecutor did not order legal proceedings against Sky for any reason.

ning Inspector Phithak’s daughter Come and see the police station. She bought a hat for her father. Two fathers and sons playing happily together, taking pictures together. Sky came in and saw him. Sky said Inspector Phithak’s daughter was cute. after coming to see Mae Ning’s father goes home first because Inspector Phithak has a job to do. The inspector went to buy a plane ticket for her daughter. Then he has an appointment with the authoritative prosecutor (Than Thanakorn) next Mae Ning cooks and waits for his father at home. Ning was frying meat, a spicy salad, waiting for her father, but felt like someone was following her. It was raining that night, Ning was packing her bags and getting ready to go abroad. Ning came out to the front of the house and thought that his father had come back. But it is actually a rain killer. It followed, killing Ning dead that night. Follow to watch the series “Bad Guys Chasing the City” broadcast every Friday – Saturday at 8:00 PM on TrueID, True Visions, True Asian More (120, 239).

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