Review of Drifting Home (2022), the new animated film on Netflix

Drifting Home, a new animation on Netflix that has been well received since the first day it was broadcast The reason why the current is so high Partly because of the strange plot. But how strange it is, I will explain in the next section.

Animation information and summary

title : Drifting Home or Drifting Home

Written by : Hiroyasu Ishida, Hayashi Mori and Minaka Sakamoto

created by studio : Colorado (Studio Colorido )

animation genre : Science Fiction, Fantasy, Family, Drama, Adventure – Survival.

a story : The content will tell about an apartment full of good memories. of the two children who used to live there Kumagaya Kosuke and Touji Natsume Although they were very close during childhood But for some reason, the two of them separated. One night after school A friend in the same class as Kosuke. Invites Kosuke to go to the apartment to investigate the ghosts like everyone else. Tell them until you meet Natsume. sleeping secretly in the apartment waiting to meet Nappo A mysterious boy who lives in an apartment but never appears to anyone except Natsume. so that friends I can’t believe that Natsume Wanppo really exists.

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