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Review after watching 12 episodes

the plot of the series Love Across the Millennium, A Thousand Years for You, Antur the ultimate fantasy such as the heroine’s blood, the enemy can be eliminated and the main character can stop time, very moo. Because let the heroine marry the chicken to get rid of the bad luck 😆 and let the actor dress up as a secondary woman. because a rooster is already the main woman Drop it all together 😆 The relationship between the characters is complicated. Both are love stories, looking for missing people, all clues to follow, and in the beginning, the heroine is an attacker. A technician behind the heroine is a runaway type. It’s funny. The fun part comes from the hero. Keep coming secretly to protect the heroine from her knowing 💕 A fantasy story, but funny and sweet, generally fun to follow. but a lot of dialogue A bit tiring to read

Ren Jialun Li QinThe series “Thousand Years for You” is directed by the director. Zheng Wei Ren The owner of a work like Grandmaster Untame Demonic Cultivation, The Untame series (2019) made a name for the handsome actors Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo. This was well done and it didn’t disappoint either. It’s worth following from the beginning. Telling stories in the past, alternating with the present, having fun with all the flavours, including romance, comedy, drama, investigation and fantasy, along with thrilling action.

A Thousand Year Fantasy for youTalking about the action, I have to say that it is very well done, cues and CG cue combine perfectly. Mep Khing Khing, the scene stops when there is a wow scream. Brother Jean has gone very far and in order not to fall into the CG trend, whales that float in the air are also here. Excellent production, thumbs up The pictures are beautiful, every camera angle is very detailed, the scenery is magnificent. the two ancient tombs that hide the treasures Kyo Xin Ji Shop Qing Quan Camp or the city where Teng Teng must travel to find his father 👍 Complete elements The two sedan cars One of them was a palanquin and it made it possible to teleport through time. modern hair clothes The heroine has a retro and republican look. The look is so bold and sweet. As for the main character, the commander’s outfit and the handsome black suit 👍 the background music is also beautiful Main character Ren Jia Lun Sing the opening song with my song 👍

Qing Quan Champion A Thousand Years For You
A Thousand Years for You

suggesting other characters

Chen Xijun as Gu Bei Si Nanfeng Camp Leader, warm-hearted, simple, knew Yu Dengdeng from childhood, loved and wished well, was always there to help him. but he often does not speak until causing frequent quarrels together with Yu Deng Deng He was afraid that the Nanfeng Camp wanted to join the Qingquan Camp. So I don’t want to have a good relationship with Gu Bei Xi. Young Chen Xijun debuted, I was disheveled, maybe I still can not see the handsome clearly. But when I cut my hair, the handsome aura floats away. With a secondary role who secretly loves the heroine on one side, doing well, seeing the dedication to the love of the character Gu Bei Si. chemistry withhli chin cute sweet episodeTen Tensleep on the chestPieC. Then he thought it would be a good kiss, not a good kiss. At that time, she looked cute and had a smile on her face.

Chen Xijun as Gu Bei Si

Gu Bei Si, love across the millennium

Wu Ming Jing as Bai Chi Chi police girl fiance Gu Bei Si Gentle but not weak, kind, wise, polite and innocent.

Wu Ming Jing as Bai Chi Chi

Chang Hir as Da Hai Yu Dengteng’s disciple and close subordinate. Loyalty to teachers and responsible but not good at anything Only good at talking 😆 after being attacked by a ghost Drinking alcohol when the farm becomes a woman

love spanned millennia

Song Wen Zuo as Ah Chin and Deng Zhiyuan as Ah Sang.He was an ancient demon, the soldier of Empress Yunxi. Open a dumpling shop to wait for General Lu Yan. and help Lu Yan collect spirits in order to return the body to Yunxi.

Asin AsangLai Yi as Zhu Rong A general who did not want to make peace with the human side until causing a fight with Yunxi until Yunxi’s spirit was torn to shreds. After losing to Lu Yan Not completely dead, still resurrected back to the Republican era as General Lu. and come back to fight again

Lai Yi, love across the millennium

Rate 8/10

Love Over a Thousand Years for You is another great series to watch. Only the lead actor, Ren Jialun, Li Qin, is worth watching. Beautiful and handsome in the whole story Also, the chemistry of the two of them is finicking pillows too. Fantasy plot, complex clues, action adventure. Fun to follow, great CG, good production, score 8/10, who likes the retro republic in a fantasy story but not too dramatic Emphasis on comedy and romance I recommend this. You can watch it on WeTV and iQiyi.

love for a millennium poster

  • Series: Love Across the Millennium, A Thousand Years for You 请君 (2022)
  • Genre: Retro, Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Action
  • Actors: Ren Jia Lun, Li Qing
  • Number : 36 episodes, 40 minutes/episode
  • Thai subtitles via: WeTV and iQiyi
  • Grade : 8/10

Love Over a Thousand Years to You

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