Review of reading table lamp by Shopee | TrueID creator

Everyone can see the lamp sample image from the box This is exactly or want to do this, but it will not be able to fall. So let’s install a custom lamp, let’s do it!!

If you ask to turn the light on, it’s very easy to use because just tap your finger lightly, it will turn the light on and change the light and then turn the light off.

Reading table lamp from Shopee

Just touch, just touch lightly enough, there are 3 colors in total.

  1. White
  2. soft yellow
  3. white bright tone

When activated, it can be hard to distinguish between colors 1 and 2, but if you turn on the light yourself and take a picture, it will be obvious. Tap on it and it will appear in the order of the colors as above No matter what light color you are using, if you want to turn off the light, you have to touch it with the 3rd color and then touch again to turn it off.

But because just touch the hand through the light button, the lights are on, right? Even if we do not intend, so there is another special button that does not want to use the power to move this button. If you want to use, move this button Yes (the red circle is there) The charging hole is on the side. But they only give a charging cable. There is no charger to use. Anyone using Android products is easy to find.


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