Review of the Chinese series, Time with love stars I Am the Years You Are the Stars

an interesting character

a hero Jiang Bai Jue If you look at the outside, he looks like a perfect man. both rich If life were this perfect, probably not everyone would want to die. but when he must become immortal This made him suffer greatly. because he just wants to be an ordinary person If we look at another angle Maybe being immortal is not a good thing. Because, if you think about it, we have to keep an eye on how many people we love leave. He was also accumulating sorrows in his heart. I sympathize with him.

heroine Jin Xiaoyu The girl who had followed before her own face had only one year on this planet. This character seems cute and bright, but she has a sad and scared side. Come to think of it, even normal people who don’t know the date of their own death feel fear and danger. But here, our heroine knows her own date of death and how scared she will be. This strange illness was a huge problem for a small woman like her.

Two defensive characters Chenqiang and William Both of them were like MSG in this respect. It makes the story more mellow, tastier and more addictive. Because both will continue to add fun. Encourage the story not to be boring at all.

The attractiveness of the story

interesting plot by solving various problems that seem overwhelming But the story goes on in a fun way. There is no emotional pressure for us to be stressed and suffocated, but whatever makes this interesting. And the audience doesn’t feel bored or angry. because the proceedings are not long I enjoyed watching it until I didn’t know that many eps had passed.

To close Time with the stars of love I Yw yr Byllnoedd You are the Stars The story is fun, not boring, it has a lot of funny jokes. Cute insertion of the actors in every scene. Watching the first ep is fun, everyone. There is no dragging the story to be boring at all. and most importantly, good actors Either the hero, the heroine, or both defenders. Beautiful, handsome, premium Enjoy the whole story with the perfect chemistry Make the story look fun and feel heavy. To be honest, coming to see the actors is worth it. Also, this is another fun story, don’t miss it.

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