REVIEW | Review of Infinix ZERO 20, mobile phone with tight specification, 60MP front camera with OIS vibration, only 8,999 baht, how much is it worth?

Infinix pampers the Vlog line with a new mobile phone. Infinix ZERO 20 that comes with a great front camera like no other high resolution and with a smooth and stable OIS anti-shake system to take full selfie videos The rest of the specifications are no fun at all, including a 108MP rear camera, a colorful AMOLED screen, a powerful enough chip to comfortably play 3D games, etc. The price is cute, obnoxious, only 8,999 baht.That’s all… if you want to know how nice it is to use, what’s good, then let’s see the full review.

The front camera is full, unmatched.

Infinix ZERO 20 is known as a mobile phone that specifically penetrates the vlogger market, with a front camera that packs the tightest specifications like no other mobile phone has ever been given before. The 60MP resolution has an autofocus system. And there is also an OIS stabilization system that allows you to take selfie videos smoothly, steadily, without dizziness. Experience shooting selfie videos at a resolution of 720p 30fps / 1080p 30fps / 1080 60fps / 2K 30fps. It comes out in quite still.

There is an Ultra Steady stabilization system that will help stabilize selfie videos, but will only limit the resolution to 720p.

For still photography, it’s just as cool, because there are two autofocus systems, beauty modes to choose from, adjust the brightness of the face, smoothness of the skin, face size, eye size, or it can be adjusted with the AI ​​system. A portrait mode that blurs the background quite smoothly.

There is a Super Night mode for taking selfies at night to look bright and bright too.

108MP rear camera

The rear camera of the Infinix ZERO 20 is also full, with a 108MP main camera + 13MP ultrawide camera + 2MP depth camera. Normal shooting uses a pixel binning system to combine many pixels into large grains to capture detail and preserve the light better The image size will come out at 12MP, but can also be adjusted to take a full 108MP (one image file, about 12MB in size) As for shooting in low light with Super Night mode, it can be done at a good level. what But the hand has to be a little long because there is no anti-shake. (provided with front camera only)

take a video withThe rear camera, although there is no OIS anti-shake system But there is an Ultra Steady system to unlock to increase stability. This mode can only be used in 1080p 30fps and 720p 30fps resolution.

When it comes to shooting 2K 30fps, it’s not very stable. As you walk down your feet, you can clearly see that the camera is shaking.

AMOLED screen with beautiful colors

The screen is 6.7 inches, FHD + resolution, only the refresh rate is not as smooth as other models because it is 60Hz, but it has the advantage of using an AMOLED panel that provides more brightness. it can be used outdoors just fine

It is also used to see HD Netflix still have it too

stereo speakers

Full of entertainment, the screen is beautiful and beautiful. The sound system also comes with separate stereo speakers, coming with the DTS Sound system, which can be adjusted to suit music, video, games or automatically adjust. It can also go into adjusting the sound further, how to get the sound out, including Wide, giving a diffused sound, From the front simulating the sound as a front speaker, and Traditional, along with adjusting the Bass Vocal Treble further.

oh! This mobile phone comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Durable body with metal frame

Even if it’s a cheap mobile phone. But the assembly work is not fun, because the Infinix ZERO 20 has a frame that uses durable metal material, but covered in shiny silver, so fingerprints are very easy (when using the case, it is not is a problem).

The back cover is polycarbonate with a matte, non-fingerprint finish.

The specification is powerful enough to play all games.


  • screen AMOLED size 6.7 finger FHD+ resolution (1080 x 2400)
  • CPU: MediaTek Helio G99
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Capacity: 256GB
  • 3 rear cameras
    • Main camera: 108MP, PDAF
    • Ultrawide Camera: 13MP
    • Depth camera: 2MP
  • Front camera: 60AS, AF, OIS
  • Connection: bluetooth, port Type-C 2.0
  • Sound system: stereo speakers, DTS Audio, 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Operating system: Android 12 covered with CHARACTERISTICS 12
  • A 4,500 mAh battery supports 45W fast charging

The specification of the Infinix ZERO 20 is said to be usable throughout the present with the Helio G99 chip and 8GB of RAM. MemFusion Up to 5GB for a total of 13GB

Playing a brutal 3D graphics game like Genshin Impact, and the system will set the default setting to Low level, can play comfortably (There are some difficulties when there are many enemies)

Can adjust the frame rate to 60fps

As for other games, there is no problem, including ROV, PUBG, Nikke, all games can be played.



NIKKE Goddess of Victory

Huge 256GB capacity

Do not worry about the capacity in the device for a long time, because the Infinix ZERO 20 comes in a satisfactory 256GB and if it is not satisfied, it will add again. Because there is also a separate microSD card slot

Large battery + fast charging

The Infinix ZERO 20 has a 4500 mAh battery which, although not as big as other models at the same price, is now almost standard at 5000 mAh. But still able to use comfortably in general all day Try a hard test by opening YouTube via WiFi, screen brightness 60%, volume 60% for 6 hours, the battery is still up to 53% Sit and watch a series of movies together without fear of running out of battery

It will charge back quickly with a 45W charging system that can charge the battery from 5 – 100% in less than an hour.



  • AMOLED screen, fresh colors against the sun
  • Watch Netfkix in HD
  • The current spec can play games smoothly (depending on the settings).
  • High capacity 256GB plus the addition of microSD
  • good quality front camera
  • The front camera has AF / OIS, taking selfie videos is very smooth.
  • A good quality rear camera for a mobile phone at this price level.
  • The rear camera doesn’t have OIS, but it does have an Ultra Steady mode that actually works.
  • DTS audio stereo speakers
  • There is a 3.5 mm headphone hole.
  • 45W fast charging
  • The price is extremely friendly.


  • 60Hz screen refresh rate
  • The rear camera can shoot video up to 2K 30fps.
  • It is very possible that Android 13 is not updated.

The concept of value for money remains the same for the Infinix ZERO 20, which the Vlog line should definitely like this time, because the front camera is called the fullest It can be said that it can support all of this from meal With a price of just 8,999 baht, it must be said that this mobile phone is very interesting.

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