REVIEW | Review of Redmi 10 (2022) and Redmi 10A compared to budget models But the price is 1,700 baht apart. Which one should I choose?


Xiaomi has launched and is on sale. Redmi 10 2022 and Redmi 10A together already Which both models are mobile phones that focus on value for money, affordable prices and provide interesting specifications for both of them But with a model whose price is not very high, why are these 2 still having different prices? 1,700 baht. The next question is So what’s the difference between the two models? Is it worth it if you add money to buy seniors or in this era, save them first? Is it enough for the younger generation? This review will help you find the answer for everyone.

The machine is seen by the eye of the same size. but feel different

Redmi 10 2022 and Redmi 10A There is a noticeably different overall design. by Redmi 10 (2022) The back cover is a sleek design. When it hits the light, it looks quite elegant. The real thing looks much more beautiful than expected. Looking at it, it’s not light at all. But with a shiny plastic There must be our fingerprints when touching or holding for sure 100%. May have to wipe it often. The four rear cameras and flash are arranged in a rectangular module. convex from the back cover is enough

on the side of Redmi 10A The back cover is a plastic with a textured texture. when touching or stroking I can feel it. make fingerprints difficult which contrasts with the sleek camera module At that point, it will be easier for fingerprints.

Redmi 10 2022 is available in 3 colors: Gray (Carbon Gray), Blue (Sea Blue) and White (Pebble White). Redmi 10A has 3 colors as well: Black (Charcoal Black), Blue (Sky Blue) and Gray (Slate). Gray)

The features provided are slightly different. But overall it’s easy to use as well.

Both of them come with an operating system. Android 11 cover with MIUI 12.5 The same, but there will be some features that are not the same. Maybe because it’s the initial version. So have to cut out some, like Game Turbo and floating window mode that are available in Redmi 10 (2022) but Redmi 10A I don’t have it, but I’ve added a cloned app feature instead. Another thing that they have in common is the user interface, including the App drawer, Multitasking and the notification bar that is dragged down from the left to be the notification center. But if dragged down from the right, it will be the control center. which, whether small or large Even the flagship model has the same functionality.

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Big screen, fun social plowing enjoy watching video

Redmi 10 2022 and Redmi 10A come with screen The same 6.5-inch LCD but the resolution is different Redmi 10 2022 hasFull HD+ resolution, yesRefresh at 90Hz and the front camera punches holes in a punch hole resolution 8MP part Redmi 10A screen resolution is HD +. Refresh rate 60Hz front camera resolution 5MP It is a water drop shape.

in the matter of plowing the screen The difference can be seen quite clearly. Redmi 10 2022 will be smoother. because it has a refresh rate of 90Hz

The rear camera shoots well. in light conditions

4 cameras of Redmi 10 (2022) Contains the main camera 50MP ultra wide camera 8MP macro camera 2MP and depth camera 2MP front camera part 8MP Both the rear camera and the front camera can shoot video up to 1080P at 30 frames per second as well. Taken out okay and excellent noise cancellation

on the side Redmi 10A Give 2 rear cameras, main camera 13MP and depth camera 2MP with front camera resolution 5MP Shoot video up to 1080P at 30 frames per second on both front and rear cameras. From what I tried to take There will be a wind sound intermittently entering the video.

In Pro mode on both models, everything can be adjusted the same. WB (white balance), F (focus), S (shutter speed), ISO (sensitivity to light), and EV (Exposure compensation) Night mode is available for both, but the Redmi 10 2022 will take a clearer picture. Because the rear camera has a resolution of up to 50 MP, but for Redmi 10A, it can do just fine, still has a jelly. And there is some noise, it’s better to take photos in a lighted place.

Example photos of Redmi 10 2022

Example photos of Redmi 10A

The battery is sufficient for general use. live a full day comfortably

Both models provide the same battery. 5,000 mAh But only Redmi 10 2022 supports fast charging. 18W Yes, personally, I think it can be used for a full day easily. Because I rarely play games. But both have a battery saver mode. There are normal and ultra-saving modes. Considered helping to continue breathing for a while. There is also a feature to notify when the battery is abnormally low.

How to turn on the featureNotify when the battery is abnormally Redmi mobile

  • go to settings
  • Select the Battery and Performance menu.
  • Select the settings button on the top right corner.
  • Enable abnormal battery consumption alert.

Another unfortunate thing about Redmi 10A is the charging port. I didn’t expect to see a micro-USB port in a mobile phone in 2022 until this release 😅

MediaTek Helio G88 and MediaTek Helio G25 chips are very different?

Redmi 10 2022 come with chips MediaTek Helio G88 with 4GB of RAM while Redmi 10A powered by chip MediaTek Helio G25 With 3GB of RAM, in general use, I can’t see the difference clearly. Switch apps back and forth normally. but to be clearly seen Is to plow the screen more because Redmi 10 2022 is a 90Hz screen, making it more fluid and smooth.

Both of them support the feature. RAM Extension Or extracting space from ROM to add to RAM when there is not enough use, Redmi 10 2022 can add up to 2GB, while Redmi 10A can add only 1GB.

After trying both PUBG players, the result is that I can play comfortably. set everything heat Both devices are warm. During the tumultuous time

good loud speaker but not yet have dimensions

The Redmi 10 (2022) has a stereo pair of speakers, while the Redmi 10A has a single speaker. And both models also have a 3.5 mm jack for plugging in headphones or connecting a microphone as well. The sound of the speakers of both models is loud enough to be used. But the sound will not have much dimensions.

Compare Redmi 10 (2022) and Redmi 10A specs

Redmi 10 (2022) Redmi 10A
screen 6.5-inch LCD screen, resolution FHD + 6.5-inch LCD screen with HD+ resolution
chip MediaTek Helio G88 MediaTek Helio G25
memory 4GB 3GB
storage space 128GB 64GB
rear camera Main camera 50 MP (f/1.8)

8 MP Ultra Wide Camera (f/2.2)

2 MP macro camera (f/2.4)

2 MP Depth Camera (f/2.4)

Main camera 13 MP (f/2.2)

2 MP Depth Camera (f/2.4)

front camera 8 MP (f / 2.0) 5 MP (f / 2.2)
network GSM / HSPA / LTE GSM / HSPA / CDMA2000 / LTE
connection Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

Bluetooth 5.1



IR Blaster

Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n

Bluetooth 5.0


port Type-C micro USB
Sensor side fingerprint scanner fingerprint scanner on the back
speaker Dual stereo speakers 1 speaker
battery 5000 mAh supports 18W fast charging 5,000 mAh
operating system Android 11, MIUI 12.5
size 162 x 75.5 x 8.9 mm. 164.9 x 77.1 x 9 mm.
weight 181 grams 194 grams

Price difference 1700, which model to choose?

Redmi 10A Suitable for people who are just starting to use mobile phones. because the price is only 3,999 baht, the chip MediaTek Helio G25 It has good performance in general use. Still not suitable for playing games or if you play some games, adjust the graphics to be moderate to low, it should be better But if you haven’t played the game already, you probably won’t be able to differentiate it at all.

part Redmi 10 2022 Might be a better option But have to pay up to 1,700 baht, things that have been upgraded are also a lot Both screen refresh rate 90Hz, up to 4 rear cameras, resolutions up to 50 MP with 4GB of RAM and still have a chip. MediaTek Helio G88 which is more suitable for playing games

For me, I would choose Redmi 10 (2022) Yes, because it has a more elegant design. Lighter too. Get a screen atSmoother and higher resolution The provided chipset is powerful enough. Whether it’s social plowing, watching YouTube, and playing games as well. It’s such a great value, it took my heart, but Redmi 10A It may be enough for people who are just starting to use mobile phones or have a limited budget. The most important thing when buying a mobile phone is to choose the right one for use Lifestyle and money in our pockets 😉


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