Review Series : “Hell Punishment”, a cult to clean up some ‘sinners’ when hell beasts invade the human realm!

The most acclaimed series of all time After overthrowing the record as the number one streaming content champion from Squid Game, “Hellbound” has been confirmed by FlixPatrol, a streaming content ranking website from platforms around the world.

This mystery, thriller, and supernatural series is based on the webtoon Hell, directed by Peninsula film director Yeon Sang-ho and Train to Busan, which plays into the belief and cult of God’s punishment. which as soon as it aired, became popular in 71 countries (Squid Game takes 8 days) with questions that frustrate people around the world Even after looking at the end, still can’t come to the conclusion that So where did the 3 hell beasts come from? Who is behind the judgment? God or God? And still can’t predict the story until the last scene…

This is it! The fun of hell punishment

Secretly whispering that this series is not suitable for people who are stressed, heartbroken, and hate their coworkers the most. or encounter a tragedy It will only make you plummet. But if you seek a series that exceeds your expectations. And ready to feel breathless throughout the stomach throughout 6 episodes, please stop by for streaming Hellbound right now (this article contains spoilers)

Opening the judgment of ‘Hell on Earth’, a shocking horror!

The only piece of advice we’d like you to make before you decide to stream Hellbound is to rationalize it. It’s not that it makes no sense. But it will make the eyebrows tie a bow in vain. Because even if you watch the end of the story, you won’t get the answer you expect. Therefore, if you want to see the punishment of hell for fun and it’s dripping, you have to let go of the story. Then do not secretly cheer for any character in particular. Because you might be shocked that the featured chapter disappears so quickly.

Hellbound kicks off as its name suggests as ‘Hell Boundary’ expands, causing three monsters (CG rendered to look like giant gorillas with big feet) chasing a man on the streets of Seoul’s worst traffic jams. Before the man’s body was hit by a large, thick hand on his head and hit the bus until blood stained on the glass. Then they pounded and beat until they were blood bathed. Then it burned with silver flames until the man’s body became charred beside the bus. Amidst the screams and hundreds of cell phone cameras recording the event.

The heavy burden rests on the police, who must investigate and hunt down 3 monsters and the mastermind behind them. But there seems to be someone coming out to solve a mystery that frustrates society. by Chairman Jung Joo Shin (played by Yoo Ah In), the leader of a new truth group who came out to explain the terrifying phenomenon that “This is the will of God. You must be more fair.”

after a few days The judgment of mother-of-two ‘Park Jung Ja’ (at the end of the sentence we still don’t know what her sin is) was also staged with VIPs. Wearing a white mask, sit in Front Row and watch the demonstration close to the wall. Before the monsters smashed her body to the ground and burned with silver flames. Leaving the mystery to young lawyer Min Hye Jin (played by Kim Hyun Joo) and detective Jin Kyung Hoon (played by Yang Ik Joon) to follow each other. Sorn’ is a sinful disciple who does not bow down to the new truth group with deadly violence.

It wasn’t long before we lost our doubts about Chairman Jung Joo Shin. He was punished before the eyes of detective Jin Kyung Joon, just as terrifying as the others. As referred to as prophesied 20 years ago, send the stick to the frenzied priest (than) to be the next president. And completely erased the image of the earthly saint of President Jung Joo Shin within 4 years by creating a giant organization with the 3 Hell Beasts as symbols.

The new truth group became A ‘powerful group’ commanded by God to redefine teachings. Sinners must confess to the press and people fear all their sins, with ‘priests’ overseeing and spreading teachings. with violent extremist groups representing the ‘bustles’ who punish sinners or dissidents with extreme violence without fear of the law. with the belief that it was commanded by God (Like a terrorist group that claims to kill people of dissenters or heretics. but did not receive any punishment as hell allowed), along with the serenity of society under the decree of fear that says “You will go to hell” because soon monsters will chase you.

When humans challenge the ‘decree’ because life has to fight until the last minute!

Alright! At least the screenwriters Yeon Sang Ho (The Cursed) and Choi Kyu Seok (who wrote the webtoon ‘Hell’ and scripted the series Awl) were kind to us. When a group of people rise up against a new group of truths known as ‘Sodo’, led by lawyer Min Hye Jin. (who escaped death at the hands of the arrow head) by means of making the person who has been decreed to disappear without a trace because after the punishment their family will be shunned by society Many people therefore choose to die quietly. with services from the Sodo group

But soon the story reaches the ears of a new group of truths and eventually purges Sodo. Even though the Zodo group comes early, they claim it quickly in the series. But at least it allows us to see the efforts of a group of human beings. that work together to help those who have been awarded and is a confirmation that Not everyone agrees with the ‘fear’ of sin, and many are skeptical.

While we’re most uncomfortable with the melody “Will no one be able to fight against the new group of truths?” We encounter a key that completely subverts the teachings of the new truth group. is the decree of a newborn baby (producer Bae Yong Jin’s child – played by Park Jung Min) who, if left, will destroy the doctrine of sin in this life of the whole new truth. With the doctrine of ‘Inherent Sin’ that believes that humans have sin in many worlds.

As always, Bae Yong-jin’s wife asks for help from a priest to the organization. But then the case flips when a team of priests try to cover up the infant’s death and separate the mother and daughter. with the help of lawyer Min Hye Jin Causing Bae Yong-jin’s family to escape successfully. before being violently pursued by arrowheads and a team of priests It’s called this period that’s both crazy and crazy.

The questions we wondered throughout the story were: Why would a group of arrowheads kill people or use violence without God’s punishment? Are they really allowed from above? How severe is the sin to be decreed? So why does God violate the laws of nature? By not allowing humans to die by accidents or fateful illnesses. I told him to think about it, there was no answer. Recommend to wait to see if there will be a second season or not? As for the puzzles to be solved or not, we have to win again.

Surely, will the Bae Yong Jin family finally overcome the decree and overturn the teachings of the New Truth Group? At the end of the day, which number will break the most extreme corners? Check it out now on Netflix streaming today.

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Poster “Hellbound - Punishment of Hell” (Thai)

Chairman Jung Joo Shin played by Yoo Ah In.

Lawyer Min Hye Jin played by Kim Hyun Joo

Producer Bae Young Jin played by Park Jung Min.

Detective Jin Kyung Hoon played by Yang Ik Joon

A mother of two sinful children, Park Jung Ja, played by Kim Shin Hell.

E Rae as Jin Hee Jung

New Truth Group

Park Jung Min as Bae Young Jae and Won Jin Ah as Song So Hyun.

Three hell beasts punish sinners in front of people in the middle of Seoul in broad daylight.

You will die in 5 days.

Adapted from the webtoon, Hell.

Adapted from the webtoon, Hell.

Director and (Co-Writer) Yeon Sang Ho

“Hellbound - Hell” streams all 6 episodes with Thai subtitles and Thai dubs on Netflix.



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