Revisiting the interview with “Ann Chakrabongse” reveals the management direction of JKN, a ten billion organization to be sustainable.

We have seen news on key issues that society watches as JKN generals for “Ann ChakrabongseChief Executive Officer of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited in terms of strong and powerful management. Since announcing earnings with increased revenue, there is a sweeping profit of more than 400 million, against all business trends, returning profit to shareholders of 125 million baht, from content business to health and beauty business. and looking for digital TV channels Created a sensation in the media industry and all circles at that time last year.

Recently, the whole country was shocked when she announced that she was the universe. It’s a solar system. This work has been confirmed. All Thai Sanan media reports. Being the first Thai owner Miss Universe 100 percent

Do you think it is something that makes Ann Chakrabongse foresight or raise any business to be successful and quickly gain recognition and confidence leading to growth that is the foundation of sustainability in the future?

JKN Kingdom under the management of Ann Chakrabongse holds the copyright to distribute all content. Send entertainment to Thailand and abroad. Having a reputation that is recognized worldwide instantly makes JKN a billion dollar business. After that, turn to walking into the health and beauty products business. with a strong strategy and marketing expertise to understand consumer behavior Strengthen with Branding A CEO who is uniquely delicious and an executive who dares to think and dare to fight until success It can be said that he is strong, fights, does not let going or Continuous makes people pay attention. Follow and support her on her personal social media overwhelmingly.

And another role that reinforces her Branding CEO is that she has chosen to invest more in the restaurant business. She also manages the real estate business together. JKN’s tremendous success to the tens of billions reflects her ability to embed her DNA into a team that is experienced, strong, intelligent and on the same page as her.

same as the last Thai beauty queen fans are screaming loudly. After hearing the news that the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) is a global organization with more than 71 years of history, it is known to the people who have watched over 500 million Miss Universe pageants around the world. and they have different countries Buy the rights to manage the Miss Universe pageant in more than 94 countries together. get a new owner Like her, JKN Global Group Public Company Limited has acquired the entire business of the Miss Universe Foundation.

If you go back to the interview…

Ann Chakrabongse once revealed that JKN aims for success more than profit. With the concept of Content Content – Commerce – Company 1. Integrate the organization with sustainability with the concept that “Business must grow sustainably and profitably”

2. Transform the Market Think differently, make changes to understand the market and customers, pick up the best, study, research, use content to guide them. Clearly understand the behavior and needs of each customer group. Bring behavior of interest further into the trade business For example, Branding CEO X Superstar Marketing, expand the fan base. and choose the right presenter for the product Superstars in Thailand, including Kong Saharat, Ann Siriam, Naow Tisanart, etc., came to present their products to consumers. which creates awareness and confidence in quality products

And at the end of this year, there is still the Marketing Superstar concept that guarantees it will be very popular. From producing products containing real organic hemp ingredients, planning to launch 3 items in the 4th quarter of the year 64 for sure.

3. Systematic Corporate Strategies Perfect organization of sustainable systems For JKN, people are one of the key elements. We are committed to developing the talents of our personnel. providing job opportunities to skill development level and building good leaders. with an awareness of sustainable development To be a good leader for the organization and society

and 4. Investing for Sustainable, LIFT Foundation. We are an organization that respects human rights. non-profit but seeking equality for everyone in society, etc.

All of this is reinforcing. and stated that clearly Everything in hand, Ann Chakrapong of JKN does everything with intention, every presentation, choice and success at every step of the spotlight. What she has received throughout proves that she is determined to lead the organization to ten billion for sustainable growth.

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