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“Revolutionary” Li Dazhao actor Zhang Songwen: Once a secret big actor

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“Revolutionary” Li Dazhao actor Zhang Songwen: Once a secret big actor

Interview with Zhang Songwen, the actor of Li Dazhao in “Revolutionary”: the once secret actor

■ Liu Shasha, reporter of Shenzhen Special Zone News

Before “The Hidden Corner” was aired last year, most people probably didn’t know who Zhang Songwen was, but after “The Hidden Corner” was aired, Zhang Songwen could be described as “popular overnight.” It was also at this time that someone picked up some strange “hobbies” of Zhang Songwen, that is, no matter how tired he is from filming, as long as he is free, he will go to the vegetable market near the crew to chat and observe the passing crowd.

In addition to this strange “hobby”, Zhang Songwen has another characteristic of not buying a house. Regarding the purchase of a house, Zhang Songwen held such an attitude. He said: “Houses, wealth, these things are all external things, they are just for us to keep, what really belongs to us is our spirit, our inner heart. world!”

In the two upcoming films “1921” and “Revolutionary” in “July One”, Zhang Songwen has wonderful performances, especially in “Revolutionary” he provoked Liang to play Li Dazhao. The following is his interview with our reporter.

“Lend my body to the character”

Reporter: For ordinary audiences, Li Dazhao is a communist revolutionary pioneer, but everyone doesn’t know much about it. What preparations have you made for this role?

Zhang Songwen: When we were in elementary school, the Chinese texts mentioned Li Dazhao, Chen Duxiu, Fang Zhimin, and Jiang Jie. When there was such a movie that made me star in Li Dazhao, my first reaction was, how can I let everyone It is a premise to believe that Li Dazhao is a person, not just a name in the textbook. I want to act as a person first. So I need to look through some of the things he has done at each stage, the words he has said, and the poems he has written. I want to push from here, why he, an ordinary Chinese, can do spectacular things.

In general, I am just a person who shapes and plays him, and I temporarily lent my body to this role. More than half of it may be I am assuming what he will think, and the other half may be Zhang Songwen.

Reporter: You mentioned that you read some of his documents and then got to know Li Dazhao. Do you have some new understanding of him?

Zhang Songwen: There is a message that touches me very much. Li Dazhao works in the library of Peking University every month, and his salary is more than 100 yuan, but his son does not have a decent dress. One year his son clamored to his mother and told his mother that he wanted new clothes for the New Year. His son is not a child, he is already a teenager, equivalent to today’s high school student. Li Dazhao squeezed a little bit from his living expenses and made a new coat for his son, waiting to give it to his son during the New Year. Then one day, one of his students from Peking University came to his home to ask questions. The weather was very cold and the student was wearing a thin piece of clothing. It was very cold. Li Dazhao gave him the new clothes he was going to give his son the New Year.

In addition, according to the students and staff of Peking University at that time, Li Dazhao ate at Peking University at noon every day, and there was only one wokoutou in the lunch box, which was very uniform throughout the year. But you know his salary is very high. Cai Yuanpei, the principal of Peking University at the time, told Finance that the monthly salary should not be given to Li Dazhao, but to his wife, because his wife said that the family did not even have money to eat every month. All the colleagues don’t understand it. You are 180 yuan a month, so why can’t the family be unraveled? Later, it was discovered that Li Dazhao usually spent the first week after receiving his salary. He provided all the funds for supporting students, printing advanced publications, and the activities of the communist group.

Starting from these things, I think I should probably know what kind of person he is.

“A film with a romantic revolutionary color”

Reporter: The narrative span of “Revolutionary” is basically from 1912 to 1927, but the filming process was skipped. How do you grasp the continuity of the film and express the changes in Li Dazhao’s mental process in different years? Give a few scenes to talk about.

Zhang Songwen: As for the film and television works, they were not shot along the way. I told the director and site recorder before the boot, you tell me every day, what year, month and day is today, and how old I am. Regarding his almanac list, my brain has already installed it, that is, what he was doing in which year, I have this order. I said that you only need to tell me at the scene what year and how old I am, and I can find the growth history of this person in the yearbook.

Reporter: Returning to the movie itself, how do you feel the difference between “Revolution” and other main theme movies?

Zhang Songwen: Director Xu Zhanxiong and producer Guan Hu have the same cognition that we want to make a romantic and revolutionary movie, so that many post-90s and 00 audiences find that this kind of theme does not seem boring, because it has it. What is beautiful has its aesthetic meaning in it. I am very confident that today’s young people should be able to accept our version of Li Dazhao, and be able to understand through the film how our martyrs created this country for us. There is a saying that is hard to come by.

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