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4. Assassination of a diplomat

It was then that Conan drank Chinese liquor until he was temporarily restored to his original body for the first time. And this is the first time that Hattori appears, which is a murder in a closed room, which is a very interesting story. Both stories use the villain’s trick of blaming others. and the relationships of the characters For the author, the impression of this episode would be nothing better than seeing Shinichi return to solve the case again.

Impression 9/10

The Diplomat’s Murder Case (Part 1) | Detective Conan The Series Season 2

The Diplomat’s Murder Case (End) | Detective Conan The Series Season 2

5. The Game Company Murder Case

It was then that Conan had to face the Black Institute again. The plot is interesting as it is a puzzle game. But in the end, there was a murder that even the villain didn’t expect. To the author, I like the plot of the case now. Look what’s going back and forth. And I also like the scene where Conan takes the glass elevator of the Daikuku building until it explodes, looks cool. The author wanted to see this scene more clearly.

Impression 8/10

The Game Company Murder Case | Detective Conan The Series Season 2

6. The Mad Holmes Murder Case

Now it’s time for Hattori. Knowing Conan’s true identity Conan is joining the organizers of the Holmes Madness Tour. murder in secret The author likes to use the freeze-drying trick. So having knowledge of forensic science is also knowledge and fun This chapter is one of the author’s favorite chapters. And the author believes that if anyone has watched this episode, they will definitely keep it as an impressive episode.

10/10 impression

The Mad Holmes Murder Case (Part 1) | Detective Conan The Series Season 2

The Mad Holmes Murder Case (End) | Detective Conan The Series Season 2

This is only part of what the author thinks is the main story line of the main story. The author’s next article will bring together the important plot cases of the other seasons of Detective Conan, for readers to follow again. For new viewers, if I have time, the author wants me to watch every episode of Season 1 and 2 because this is the beginning of all Conan. And every episode has a fun, memorable cause. Meanwhile, any reader who reads the review and likes it at any time can follow it at that particular moment or watch every episode as it is convenient.

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