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“Aim to push in companies that are backed by strong needs!”

● Extremely sensitive market, adjustments are temporary

Now we await the meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) scheduled for June 13-14.

Will the US Federal Reserve (Fed) continue to raise interest rates by 0.25% as before or stop? Market attention is focused on this one point, and the US market falls when there is a factor that seems to lead to continued interest rate rises, and vice versa, it rises when there is a possibility that it will be stopped. In this way, the movement is very easy to understand.

With the Bank of Canada raising interest rates this week, the US will have no choice but to raise – such a view prevailed and the US market fell. The Tokyo market was also caught up in this, and there was a scene where it plummeted.

However, the next day, the number of applications for unemployment insurance in the US rose sharply to 261,000, prompting a sudden change in the view that interest rates may not be raised, and the US market rose. As you know, the Tokyo market has also risen sharply.

Although his response is very simple, his tone can be described as “super nervous”, and as an investor it is very difficult to get along with him.

In terms of countermeasures against such a market, it is important to remember that interest rates can be raised by 0.25% as they have been. That way, it will be easier to withstand a real pull-up and drop in the market.

Even if you think you can’t pull it out, this time it’s going to end. This is just a reaction to sentiment, but the real step is that even if the US continues to raise interest rates and the market falls as a result, the downturn will be temporary, so we shouldn’t be pessimistically and immediately Invest in stocks that have a high chance of recovery.

what brand is that? A company backed by strong needs, here we are.

● Focus on Daifuku, Secure, JDSC, etc.

Specifically, first, Daifuku, which is strong in material transportation and storage systems <6383> [東証P]in. In my opinion, the current stock price is underestimated, considering that the company has a good reputation in the world in all kinds of equipment and transportation systems, including not only various warehouses, but also luggage transportation in areas air and semiconductor manufacturing lines.

Advanced security in entry / exit camera systems and surveillance for logistics facilities, companies, data centers, etc. <4264> [東証G]In an age when security needs to be strengthened, it can be seen that there is still room for stock prices to rise.

CSS Holdings, which is growing in the business of stewards who undertake washing dishes, kitchen work, and cleaning work for large hotels and restaurants. <2304> [東証S]Also pay attention to

Against a background of corporate business improvement needs, LTS develops business process visualization, improvement and implementation support. <6560> [東証P]Stock prices have been down for the foreseeable future, but a rebound appears imminent.

Using AI (artificial intelligence) as a tool, JDSC has been well received for its demand forecasting services and building data infrastructure for companies, and is growing its business. <4418> [東証G]. AI-related businesses are trending, and there is a high probability that the stock price will continue to rise.

Another AI-related company, PKSHA Technology <3993> [東証S]There is Strong in AI algorithms, general purpose SaaS with AI tools is growing, and we are developing a service that shortens the drug discovery process.

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