Ri Jeong “I contacted my ex-boyfriend after ‘Suwoopa’” (Hal Myung-soo) : Sports Dong-a

Ri Jung “After ‘Swoopa’, I contacted my ex” (Hal Myung-soo)

In JTBC’s multi-platform content ‘Hal Myung-soo’, which will be released on the 14th, Park Myung-soo is scheduled to have a talk with Ri-jeong, a dancer who is a fan, and take pictures of Ri-jeong. On that day, when the crew asked if they had seen the comment that asked Park Myung-soo to take a picture of Ri Jeong, Park Myeong-soo said, “It’s like a swarm of tuna caught in a deep-sea fishing boat. It was the first time I went because I liked it,” he said, revealing that he is a fan of Rijeong.

Not only that, Park Myung-soo also blew a reckless ‘comment’, saying, “I don’t like many celebrities, but Ri-jeong is a huge fan.” When the production crew said, “I’ve never seen Myung-soo talk like this for the first time,” Ri-jeong was shy. Park Myung-soo said that all of his family are Ri-jeong’s fans, and he made a phone call with his wife and asked, “Who do you like the most out of your Supa?” Park Myung-soo’s wife said, “I’m Ri-jeong,” and even showed her how to prove it.

When Park Myung-soo asked Ri-jeong, “What is the source of your confidence?” Ri-jeong answered, “I like the pulpit. Not being afraid of something is my greatest talent.” When Park Myung-soo mentioned that Ri Jung’s parents and Dr. Oh Eun-young were close, the production team asked Ri Jung what Dr. Oh Eun-young was called. Ri Jung said, “When I was young, I called her aunt. However, I received an IQ test from Dr. Eun-Young Oh, and after seeing the analysis of data about me, I called her Dr.

During the photo shoot that day, Ri Jung showed her core strength by posing in a difficult pose like a dancer. Park Myung-soo also took a photo and said, “Have you been in a relationship? Did it go well (to my ex)?”, and Ri-jeong revealed that she had dating experience and said, “He said, ‘It’s good to see you because it’s going well,’ so he said, ‘I’m so happy that I’m doing well too.’” aroused admiration.

The collaboration between ‘Young Boss’ Ri Jeong and ‘Steamed Fan’ Park Myung-soo can be found on the JTBC ‘Hal Myung-soo’ YouTube channel at 5:30 pm on the 14th.

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