Rice pointed out that the England national team Deserves Credit in the 2022 FIFA World Cup

England midfielder Declan Rice says he does not understand why people criticize his country despite his performances. And even deserves credit.

Roaring Lions Army Qualified for the last 16 of the 2022 World Cup by finishing 1st in Group B.

“There are a lot of twists and turns in this tournament. You can’t get anything easy,” Rice told a news conference Thursday.

“That’s why we’re doing well. But we don’t get the credit we deserve. There was a chance we were embarrassed in the three games we played. But we performed well in every game.”

“You see some big nations slipping up, but we’ve never been in a position where we feel the pressure. We often feel that we control this within our group.”

For the round of 16, England will face Senegal on Sunday, December 4, at 2:00 AM (Thailand time).

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