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– Uma Musume Pretty Derby 3-Star Character Draw Directed

– Uma Musume Pretty Derby 3-Star Character Draw Directed

In a collectible RPG, it is no exaggeration to say that characters are everything in the game.

It is a common feeling for subculture game fans to naturally smile or feel happy just looking at the illustration of a character that suits their taste. I mentioned earlier that in a collectible RPG, characters are everything in the game. That means the gameplay experience can change 180 degrees depending on your character’s performance.

If you have a good character, you can achieve a ranker quickly, but if you have only a character with poor performance, you may not be able to successfully capture the scenario dungeon. will be held as a collection. Ordinary users do not charge or enjoy the game with an appropriate level of charge, so the types of characters they have are limited.

If so, having a character with the best possible performance is the best way to enjoy the gameplay smoothly. This is the reason why it is divided into ‘performance bug’, which emphasizes only performance, and ’emotional bug’, which places more importance on appearance than performance. If the game has already started service in another region and the update progress is known, you can understand the performance of each character even before the start, so you have no choice but to react more sensitively.

- Kakao Games' new 'Uma Musume Pretty Derby' released in Korea on June 20th

– Kakao Games’ new ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby’ released in Korea on June 20th

– Kakao Games’ new ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby’ released in Korea on June 20th

■ The “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” that finally starts running

A representative example is Kakao Games’ new game ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby’, which started service in Korea on June 20. It is a subculture simulation game that was first released in February last year and hit the whole of Japan.

The game has surpassed 14 million downloads as of April of this year, about a year after its release in Japan, and has been collecting topics not only in Japan but also in Korea even before its release, ranking first in the Twitter world trend. ‘Winning Live’, which maximizes immersion in the characters’ narratives based on the stories of real Japanese race horses, and boasts a quality comparable to that of virtual idols, played a key role in its popularity.

As it is a collectible RPG, each character in Uma Musume is also graded from 1 to 3 stars. Users can choose one of the basic 3-star Uma Musume Main Taiki Shuttle, Tokai Teio, Maruzenski, Oguri Cap, Special Week, Silent Suzuka, Mejiro McQueen, Symboly Rudolph, and Rice Shower as a 3-star option.

Here is a character that catches your attention. This is ‘Rice Shower’. Uma Musume has a lot of fans with a cute appearance. The narrative of Rice Shower is so special that any gamer with even the slightest interest in Uma Musume IP will immediately remember it.

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First of all, the reporter plans to choose a ‘rice shower’. I’m also a fan of Manaka Iwami, who is the voice actor for Rice Shower, and while watching Uma Musume’s animation, he showed me the story that I liked the most, so I chose it first when I enjoyed the Japanese version.

– Uma Musume Japanese version of Tressen Academy student introduction ‘Rice Shower’

■ What is the appeal of rice showers?

To briefly explain the narrative of Rice Shower, he is an unfortunate Uma Musume who has become a villain among racing horse fans regardless of his intentions, nicknamed ‘Kanto Assassin’ or ‘Black Assassin’.

Usually, when there are signs that someone is about to accomplish a great feat, people naturally have anticipation, whether they like it or not, and wish that the feat will be accomplished. Among Japanese racehorses, three gold medals (Satsuki Award, Japan Derby Award, and Kika Award) are typical.

Rice shower thwarted two feats. The first was ‘Mihono Bourbon’ with three crowns, and the second was ‘Mejiro McQueen’ for three consecutive victories of the Emperor’s Award. At that time, the Emperor’s Award was as significant as three crowns as there were no racehorses that achieved the record of three consecutive defeats, as only one of the spring and autumn seasons could be out.

When the feat of the two racehorses was thwarted by the Rice Shower, fans didn’t like it. Even though I broke new records at the Kika Award and Emperor Award (Spring), I was booed rather than cheered. At the Emperor’s Award (Spring), Mejiro McQueen’s defeat received more attention than Rice Shower’s victory and record.

Narrative in reality hurts my heart even more. Rice Shower went on a losing streak after defeating Mejiro McQueen. And in 1995, he won the Emperor’s Award (Spring) for the first time in two years and fired the signal of resurrection.

Is it because it was a dramatic match? Or is it because all the popular racehorses have retired? The broadcaster sent a congratulatory message to Rice Shower saying that Mihono Bourbon and Mejiro McQueen would be cheering for them, and the fans who had been booing in the meantime also gave tribute to the villain of the past who persevered and resurrected. It was the moment when the memory of Rice Shower shifted from villain to hero.

'Rice Shower' fanatics for beginners to Uma Musume...

– Rice shower’s epic that starts with a villain and ends with a hero

■ More memorable last…

But Rice Shower had one problem. He achieved the achievement of winning the Emperor’s Award (Spring) twice, but his performance at mid-range was poor, so when he changed his job to a stallion, no one was looking for him.

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After needing to prove his worth again for retirement, Rice Shower finally confronts his fans as a hero at the 1995 Takarazuka commemoration. And at the time, no one knew that this race was the stage where they would say goodbye to Rice Shower and watched with anticipation.

Rice Shower, who had been running strong, collapsed with an open fracture of the right front leg just before the 4th corner. The injuries were so serious that they could not even be transported and were euthanized on the spot. It was an event that shocked the fans.

In the game, it was expressed in a different direction. I was looking for the actual narrative out of curiosity, “Why is there such a scene?”, and I was momentarily dazed when I realized that the ending of my favorite character was a shocking tragedy. However, in the end, I thought it was fortunate that it remained as a racehorse that was welcomed by the fans.

In the anime, it only shows the scene where Mejiro McQueen’s 3rd consecutive losing streak is stopped. Rice Shower’s desperate effort to beat Mihono Bourbon and Mejiro McQueen was impressive, and that’s why he was chosen first in the game.

'Rice Shower' fanatics for beginners to Uma Musume...

– Animated rice shower race scene

■ I can be an assassin to you

It is expected that there will be a number of users who are probably fascinated by Rice Shower’s narrative and appearance. However, if you want performance and a pleasant future play environment, Rice Shower is a character you should definitely avoid.

At the time of its first release in Japan, in a situation where information about the game was not disseminated at all, there were a lot of users who looked like a reporter and chose only the cute appearance and the narrative of the anime, but regretted it and restarted the game. The dagger he was wearing around his waist was even nicknamed a ‘newbie cutter.’

First, we had an inefficient growth bonus of 20% Guts. Compared to the ‘Oguri Cap’, which is called human rights, you lose and compete with the growth bonus. In particular, medium- and long-distance leading horses have to pay attention to speed, stamina, and other power stats due to the nature of their birth. Moreover, the famous Emperor Statue (Spring) and Arima Commemorative 1st place are on the list of fostering goals, so if you choose a rice shower from the start, even achieving it will be difficult.

Lastly, the unique skill ‘Blue Rose Chaser’ is easy to meet the activation conditions, but the activation time is too late and the speed increase is not high, so the efficiency is not good. When nurtured as a leading horse, there is a high probability that he has already overtaken by spurting in the final corner, so the meaning of the unique skill disappears.

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The reporter also remembers that the desire to give up on the game skyrocketed after choosing and nurturing a rice shower recklessly. Affection and game progression are really separate concepts, so I almost put my wallet at risk to overcome it.

'Rice Shower' fanatics for beginners to Uma Musume...

– In-game rice shower production

■ So, if you choose it

If you like a character you really like, but want to enjoy the game comfortably, Rice Shower is a good choice. The stats and unique skill balance of ‘Rice Shower’ are too broken to enjoy the game with only emotion. In particular, the difficulty of training is not the worst, but it is a bad feeling. Even though I didn’t do anything, I suddenly lost my motivation.

Sometimes when I see someone else’s rice shower, I think, “Why is my rice shower doing this when it runs really well?” However, the user is also thinking the same while watching someone else’s rice shower. This happened because the direction of growth was different due to the fact that I did a lot of research because there were no answers.

That’s a different story, but I don’t recommend immediately using the 3-star option you get at the start of the game. Although it is based on the Japanese version, it is useful to provide a 3-star guaranteed lottery ticket when the mission on the 7th day of the open commemoration campaign is accomplished, and to sell the 3-star guaranteed lottery ticket with 1,500 paid jewels to check and determine the Uma Musume obtained from the lottery ticket. .

It is okay to select ‘Rice Shower’ if you have a 3-star guaranteed lottery ticket or all the required racehorses during the first draw process, but we recommend choosing another racehorse unless you are a user who is not burdened with billing. Above all, it is best to collect as much as possible of jewels as they must be consumed sparingly when the ‘Kitasan Black’, a support card commonly called ‘human rights’ in the collectible RPG genre is released.

Of course, the reporter will choose Rice Shower as the first character in the Korean version as well. Having a character full of affection in my hand is the charm of a collectible RPG, and owning that character first is a basic skill of the user, often called ’emotional worm’.

only one goal. The Korean version of the phrase, “The girl I always ate, has turned into a blue rose like this. Unlike picture books, it may cause misfortune sometimes. The day has finally come.

Wonbin Moon, Reporter at Hankyung.com Game Talk


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