Riding a motorcycle in the middle of the night! Spreading mosquito nets, waiting to complain to ‘Paweena’, shocking father, 9-year-old daughter being abused by a close friend

Riding a motorcycle in the middle of the night! Spreading mosquito nets, waiting to complain, ‘Paweena’, a shocked father, 9-year-old daughter, was abused by a close friend. They have been together for 40 years. They can do it again. Seeing the eyes before the police can catch them.

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On 30 November 19, Mrs. Paweena Hongsakul, President of the Paweena Hongsakul Foundation for Children and Women Received a report from Pol Col Sumit Promthong, Superintendent of Sanam Chai Khet Police Station, Chachoengsao Province, in the case of a 9-year-old girl who was sexually harassed by her father’s friend, Mr. Dam. After being coordinated by the Paweena Foundation have investigated together with the multi-disciplinary in which the girl clearly stated that Mr. Dam was actually acting inquiry official Sanam Chaikhet Police Station therefore gathered evidence for approval of the arrest warrant for Mr. Dam and was able to get arrested including being detained and detained at the Chachoengsao Provincial Court today

Due to the late night of November 27, Mr. Ek (name fictitious), aged 60, rode a motorcycle to take his 9-year-old daughter on the back from Sanam Chaikhet District, Chachoengsao Province to the Pavena Foundation. Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road, Khlong 7, Thanyaburi District, Pathum Thani Province, which is closed for business Both father and son spread mosquito nets in front of the entrance door of the Paveena Foundation. in the midst of the cold weather to wait to complain in the morning

This is the moment that the staff of the Paweena Foundation Walked to inspect the order and saw it, then opened the door for the two of them to come into the office to inquire about their background. After learning about the Paveena Foundation staff, she immediately reported Mrs. Paweena Hongsakul, the president of Paveena Foundation. Ms. Paweena had the staff to arrange a room and find food for the father and son to eat.

Mr. Ek said that he lives with two daughters and he has a close friend named Mr. Dam (alias), 60 years old, dating since he was young. Live close to each other. In the past, Mr. Dam often sat at his house regularly. At noon on November 24, Mr Dam came to play in a hammock in front of his house and pulled his daughter to hug him and put his fingers through his pants. His daughter screamed so loudly that she was startled and hurriedly ran out of the house to see that Mr. Dam had done it with his two eyes. Therefore shouting further, causing Mr. Dam to quickly ride the motorcycle out of the house immediately. which he did not think that a longtime friend would come to do with his daughter After the accident took her daughter to report to Sanam Chaikhet Police Station which requested the Paweena Foundation Help track the case.

Until the morning of November 28, Ms. Paweena coordinated with Pol Col Sumit and assigned the staff of the Paveena Foundation. Driving the father and son Sanam Chaikhet Police Station and bring Mr. Ek’s motorcycle to the back of the pickup truck as well because they are afraid that the father and son riding a long distance motorcycle may be dangerous After investigators further questioned Mr. Ek, an interdisciplinary examination of the girl was scheduled for the morning of November 29. The girl gave clear evidence before the police issued an arrest warrant and arrested Mr Dam. to prosecute within 2 days

Ms. Paweena Hongsakul, Chairman of the Paveena Foundation, thanked Pol. Col. Sumit Promthong, Superintendent of Sanam Chaikhet Police Station, Chachoengsao Province, Pol. Lt. Col. Seree Prasertlarp, ​​Inspector (Investigation) and Police at Sanam Chaikhet Police Station. that works fast and facilitate the people by driving to pick up the father and son to take the multidisciplinary exam because the house is far from the police station and quickly arrest the perpetrators to prosecute


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