Rifa-MediaOne World Cup Fan Football Fair on November 17 | Rifa-MediaOne World Cup Fan Football Fair on November 17

Riyadh: To welcome the upcoming World Cup football matches, the Riyadh Indian Football Association (RIFA) and MediaOne are organizing a one-day Fan Cup football tournament. RIFA officials Basheer Chelembra, Saifu Karulai, Abdul Karim Payyanad, Shakeel Tiroorkad and MediaOne Marketing Manager Hasanul Banna informed that the name of the games will be MediaOne Super Cup 2022.

The matches will be played at the Al-Iskan Stadium on Alkharj Road at 9pm on November 17. In this exciting cup, there will be eight teams of fans representing the countries of Brazil, France, Argentina, England, Portugal, Saudi Arabia , Germany and India compete. More than 100 players registered in ‘RIFA’ will take part in the competition. The players of each team will be called up by their respective team managers through an auction held on the 10th of this month.

Ashiq Parappanangadi (England), Nasser Moochikadan (Portugal), Sabir Vazhakad (France), Imtiaz Condotti (Saudi Arabia), Kuttan Babu Manjeri (Brazil), Atif Edapal (Germany), Faisal Pazhoor (Argentina) and Sharif Kalikav (India) Managers .Formation of a welcome committee for hosting the tournament.

Abdul Karim Payyanad (Chairman.), Shakeel Thiroorkad (Tournament Coordinator), Ashraf Kodinji, Ashiq Parappanangadi (Media Coordination), Nabeel Pazhur (Finance), Mansoor Tirur, Faisal Pazhur (Auction Arrangement), Nasser Mavoor (Food), Ahfan Kondotti ( Light and Sound), Hasan (Stage), Bawa Irumbuzhi (Basic Arrangement), Saifu Karulai (March Past Coordination), Abdu Kalikao (Referee), Anseem and Muhsin (IT Department), Shamsu Fudis (Venue Cleaning), Junais Vakkad (Drink Water), Shafiq Mansoor Arabia and Abid Lantern (Volunteer Department) are the officers of the committee.

Mediaone sources said that this Super Cup is being organized to inspire the enthusiasm of the World Cup from football lovers and players as well as a precursor to a major tournament to be held in the coming years. Jerseys and other technical preparations for the all teams take place. The organizers claimed that this one-day football fair will be a new chapter in the history of Riyadh’s diaspora football.

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