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BTS is more than just a musician, it’s a movement. V has a very attractive and powerful style that inspires designers. V and the weekend enjoying the secluded nature outside of New York oh rendezvous!

The oversized leather jacket, pants, belt and knit top are from Miu Miu, and the white gold ‘Panda de Cartier necklace’ and ‘Panda de Cartier ring’ are from Cartier.

Jacket and pants by Magliano, sleeveless top by SS Daley, shoes by Hermès, and white gold earrings and necklace by Cartier.

If the main character of Mark Twain’s novel was reincarnated, wouldn’t it be like this? Striped knitwear, baggy pants, and a hat reveal a mischievous side. Knit and striped pants by Raf Simons, leather bungee by Kaori, shoes by Hermès, ‘Panda de Cartier Bracelet’ in yellow gold set with tsavorite garnet and onyx, emeralds, onyx and diamonds The ‘Panda de Cartier’ set ring Ring’ by Cartier.

One of the cuts the artist liked. The panda icon that captured Louis Cartier and legendary designer Jeanne Toussaint and V with magical eyes. Cartier’s ‘Panda de Cartier Necklace’ is a pendant necklace made of yellow gold with eyes and nose set with tsavorite garnet and onyx.

The warm camel wool coat is Amiri, the pants are Kimseoryong, and the felt fedora is Ecua-Andino Hats (Ecua-Andino Hats).

The star of this period and the universal icon V. In the middle of the deepening autumn, he revealed himself as he was. Ralph Lauren Purple Label jacket, shirt, pants and shoes.

The brightest fashion icon that represents our time! He styled the Ralph Lauren pinstripe suit, a representative American classic, with his own wild charm. Add a touch of style with Cartier’s ‘Panda de Cartier Watch’ in pink gold with a quartz movement. Suit and shoes by Ralph Lauren Purple Label.

A silk trench coat with an avant-garde silhouette by Alexander McQueen.

Magliano for a black jacket with feathers, SS Daley for a white tank top with a grungy feel, ‘Panda de Cartier Earrings’ and ‘Panda de Cartier’ in white gold with a fringe setting. The necklace is by Cartier.

A brown leather trench coat and shirt, white pants and more stylish tan sandals are from Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label.

The striped knit is by Raf Simons, the white Henry neck shirt styled together is Amiri, the leather hat is Kaori, and the yellow gold ‘Panda de Cartier ring’ is Cartier.

Answer from Seoul by V, who returned from New York in September when the full moon rose.

In the birthplace of the American poet and journalist William Cullen Bryant. I did the cover. You look comfortable walking freely in the beautiful garden. Are you inclined to take a break from nature like this and take care of your mind and body?

The rhythm of life is rather slow, so I like nature. Whether it’s fire, water or wood, everyone enjoys it. I like to contemplate wherever I am when I am calm and comfortable.

Writers like William Cullen Bryant, the unknown artist you bought during your 2018 world tour, and BTS are all artists. Do you feel a special connection with the artist?

I feel solidarity with all the artists regardless of their nationality, I think that solidarity is valuable, and I feel that I learn something by empathizing with them.

You are one of the global fashion icons. What fashion-related culture or style are you interested in these days?

If you enjoyed British style in the past, what do you think these days? I focus on creating details from casual to present me as I am, in the most comfortable state. (He doesn’t bother wearing clothes at all!) When shooting, I have a concept, and I am faithful to express that concept, but in everyday life, I have to show the ‘Kim Tae- human hyung, so I ask, ‘What should I wear tomorrow?’ It was not good to think ahead and have a concept. I wear clothes that fit my feelings, that can show ‘Kim Tae-hyung’ every day as he is.

I recently saw a video of you dancing alone among older couples in a jazz bar. Bing Crosby’s official Instagram account said you’d be a great jazz crooner. Do you have any projects in mind to reflect your keen interest in jazz?

I have liked jazz since I was at school, but I have always admired, admired, and admired jazz from afar, but never tried it myself. Today, I still admire and respect myself, expressing my love and putting it into action. I will tell you soon.

I enjoy listening to the romantic music you recommended. Thanks to this, I also came across ‘End of the Sea’ by Choi Baek-ho. It seems that he usually gets a lot of comfort from music. Why does the world need music?

I think music helps us all breathe. Also, I don’t think I want to live if music is missing from my life. I think that music is what multiplies all emotions, such as comfort, emotion, and fun, in every pattern of my life, such as when I go to work, when I go to work , when I leave work, and when I eat. I found out about ‘The End of the Sea’ by Professor Baek-ho Choi thanks to Hyo-shin Park, and I’m glad I told him about it. I hope it is of comfort to you.

Uncertain situations arise in life, and many things happen because you are in the best position. Looking at you reminds me of the famous phrase ‘Keep calm and Carry on’. Do you tend to react calmly to unexpected situations?

It looks relaxed, but honestly, it’s not. Just pretend like that. Instead, I was able to think straight. Even if my opinion is not the right answer, I act with the belief that it is the best answer. There is no pressure, but I do not regret my actions. For those who love me, I think I should be nice. Even when I’m hurt and having a hard time, thanks to my ARMY, BTS members, family and friends, I’m healthy and happy.

You get close to the people around you and artists from other fields. Even if the top stars are always surrounded by people, they may not be able to approach others kindly. Do you tend to get energy from people? What does a relationship mean to you?

I tend to value relationships with people.. I like people, the artists and the director, author, Every reporter is important.. In the past, I was too vulgar, Even though I was hurt by only seeing through my personal network, I hid my face., I still like people. The people around me right now are the precious people who made me who I am today..

Bob Dylan Biography Films I really like There are several actors playing Bob Dylan himself in the film. A black boy and the actress Cate Blanchett play the character, and the poet Rimbaud claims that he is Bob Dylan. I think the director is saying at the end, “A lot of people talk about Bob Dylan, but none of that is Bob Dylan.” The public has multiple images of you. So, I think there is a problem. It’s like wondering who the real V is.

V is another me and one of my many persons.

I once said something like, “If I don’t look good in front of my fans, I’m a little afraid they’ll continue to like me.” Are you still afraid? So, is there any aspect you would like to continue working on?

Well… It’s been good since I’ve been active and held concerts recently, but it would be hard if I couldn’t see the fans again, right? I want to be active regularly, but also physically… It’s a shame I can’t meet as many fans as I will. However, when I get the chance to meet my fans, I always work hard to show my best.

Personally, I like ‘Inner Child’. BTS’s 4th full album was released in 2020 One music media praised this single of yours on the album, saying, “It will become a K-pop classic within a few years.” I want to hear your voice often. What kind of music would you like to hear in the future?

I will bring that kind of music with the feeling that my other persona is performing for the first time with music that I have never done before, and the texture is different from BTS V.

BTS members reveal their colors and promote individually. In what ways do the members exchange support and strength?

We support each other so much. Recently, at Suga hyung’s house, we had time to listen to all the individual songs that each member did, and it wasn’t even a “good, good” riot when someone was dancing. It’s nice to see the members preparing music of their own color like this, because they are so passionate and energetic about making music and love each other.

What projects are you preparing for besides the album? What are you interested in right now, even if it’s not necessarily planned?

First of all, everything ARMYs like is what I like, so I’m going to try everything. There is also talk of appearing on the radio, so I want to try the radio too.

He said, “I want to show different sides of myself, but as a member of BTS, there are many moments when I wonder if that’s right.” Did you feel a little more comfortable?

We were really grateful that ARMYs understood our feelings very well. Thank you very much for your support, and thanks to you, I have lightened the burden a little.

I once said, “Happiness is as long as there is nothing to worry about.” Have you had such a moment lately?

Well… I still think that moment comes and goes. Wouldn’t it be hard if life continued to be happy? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a life that goes back and forth as if you want to eat bitter things and salty things as long as it’s sweet? (VK)

The V-neck V-sleeve knit top with argyle pattern, jacket and belt is full of vintage style, and leather shorts are from Miu Miu. The ‘Panda de Cartier’ necklace and the ‘Panda de Cartier ring’ are made of white gold by Cartier.

The knitted top is Miu Miu, the ‘Water Panda de Cartier’ and the ‘Panda de Cartier Bracelet’ and the ‘Panda de Cartier Necklace’ in thin yellow gold with diamonds are Cartier.

Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label is a classic pinstripe suit reminiscent of a Wall Street office, and a Cartier yellow gold necklace featuring a bold panda pendant.

Knit and striped pants by Raf Simons, white Henry neck shirt styled together by Amiri, leather hat by Kaori, shoes by Hermès, yellow gold ‘Panda de Cartier Bangle’ The ‘Panda de Cartier Ring’ is from Cartier.

Jacket and pants by Magliano, sleeveless top by SS Daley, shoes by Hermès, and white gold earrings and necklace by Cartier.

In the secluded and relaxed nature, I wore a cotton biker jacket and a Ralph Lauren Purple Label linen shirt.

Trench coat, pants and oversized shoes by Alexander McQueen.

Leather trench coat, pants and shoes by Ralph Lauren Purple Label.

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