Rihanna has been named ‘national heroine’ after Barbados. Change the regime to a republic – live news

Rihanna, he took the position.national heroinebehind barbados change the system of government to a republic

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The famous singer Rihanna is regarded as the national heroine’ (National Hero) officialMay you shine like a diamond and bring honor to the nationPrime Minister Mia Mottley said

Rihanna honoured as National Hero of Barbados as country celebrates becoming a republic

Barbados change the regime torepublicOn the 30th of November, the past willThere is an election to choose the president to lead the country. The event was attended by many dignitaries, one of whom was Prince Charles of Wales. who said that the relationship between the two nations is like a new beginning and accepting the cruel slavery system The pain the Barbados were oppressed during their time under the British Empire.

Emancipation, self-rule and independence are the ways of the peoples of this country, freedom, justice and self-determination. It is what the people of this country hold. Prince Charles said

This change of governance took place on the 55th anniversary of independence from the United Kingdom. In this ceremony, the royal flag is brought down from the top of the pole. Before Mrs. Sandra Mason, Regent was sworn in as the country’s first president

Barbados is a small island country In the Caribbean, with a population of around 285,000, the Barbados government maintains its presence in the Commonwealth of Nations. as well as to respect and honor Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the 2nd



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