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rimi tomy opens up | Teenage romance; Openly singer Rimi Tommy

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Rimi Tommy has shared the memories of his first love with the beloved singer, presenter and actress of Malayalees. Rimi made the revelation during a channel program. The actress first fell in love with a boy in Rimi’s hometown of Pala.

In Rimi’s words,

‘I first fell in love in my mind during high school. He is from Pala. He is five or six years older than I am. Everyone in the country knows me because I am a singing child. I realized that the guy liked me. He would come up to me when I came back from school. But even then, I was afraid to look him in the face.

I have been active in the church choir ever since. He would record all the songs I sang and listen to them regularly. He also played my songs from his friend’s house when I went that way

Once everyone had a blood test in connection with something in the church. The test results showed that my and the boy’s groups were the same. In that joy he bought all the candies for everyone there. Those are the memories of that day. Shortly afterwards, he left the country for study. Then I never saw him again. Now I only know that he is abroad in connection with work. I don’t know any other details. ‘


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