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Rise of Kingdoms developer’s new military pre-order begins

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▲ Representative image of Warpass (Photo provided by Lilith Games)

Warpass is a new game from Lilith Games, also known in Korea as Rise of Kingdoms and AFK Arena. It is a strategy game with a military theme, combining the thrill of combat with RTS and various contents unique to SLG. It features real-time large-scale field battles and more than 100 military units, tanks, and aircraft.

In addition, ahead of the domestic release, the cast members of the military material entertainment Channel A Steel Corps, Loona ‘Chu’, Master Choi Young-jae, and Marine Corps Reconnaissance Team leader Oh Jong-hyuk were selected as promotional models.

▲ Warpass teaser video (video source: game official YouTube channel)

Gold game items and M2 medium tanks are provided to all pre-registration participants, and additional rewards are given according to the number of pre-registration participants. If you reach 50,000, you will receive various resources such as military expenses, steel, and oil, and if you reach 500,000, you will receive a BM-8 Katyusha rocket.

A friend invitation event is also held. If you participate in the invitation of friends, you will receive a Google gift card of 10,000 won, AirPods Pro, and Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G by lottery.

Lilith Games said, “We have started pre-ordering Warpass, where you can feel the thrill of military materials, RTS, and strategy simulation genres all at once.” We plan to focus on improving the perfection of the show, so please look forward to it.”


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