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London ∙ Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is considering measures to reduce immigration to Britain. As part of this, reducing the number of international students is under consideration. The restriction is intended to apply to those enrolling in low quality undergraduate courses and bringing family members. The Prime Minister’s spokesman said that the steps are being taken in the context of immigration to the UK which is more than 5 lakh this year.

However, it did not specify what an inferior grade meant. The Department for Education has warned that many universities will go bankrupt if restrictions are placed on foreign students. If the number of high-fee international students falls, government funding for universities will have to rise. Admissions to the country’s top universities will also be adversely affected, The Times reported.

The National Union of Indian Students and Alumni, an organization of Indian expatriate students, came forward with the demand that international students should not be included in the list of immigrants. Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt said last week that increased immigration was necessary for the economy to grow. He said a long-term plan was needed to reduce immigration without hurting the economy.

As of June this year, the total number of migrants is 5,04,000. This is a record. The number of non-European students also rose sharply. 1.38 lakh people arrived under the special visa scheme for citizens of Ukraine, Afghanistan and Hong Kong. The previous highest number was 3.30 lakh migrants in 2015. The UK decided to leave the European Union in 2016 due to the migration issue.

The party was exhausted; Sunak grew up

LONDON – The ruling Conservative Party’s popularity has plummeted, but Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s approval rating has risen, according to opinion polls. According to a survey conducted this month, 47% of people like Sunak. Opponents 41%. It is noted that the support has increased compared to when it came into effect a month ago. Meanwhile, only a quarter (26%) favor the Conservative Party. This is the worst time for the party since 2007.

English Summary: Rishi Sunak Plans Destinations On Foreign Students To Control Migration: Report

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