RIZIN Announces Upcoming Events: “RIZIN.44” and “RIZIN LANDMARK 6 in NAGOYA”

“RIZIN.44” is set to take place on September 24th (Sunday) at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama Prefecture. Following this, “RIZIN LANDMARK 6 in NAGOYA” will be held on October 1st (Sunday) at Dolphins Arena in Aichi Prefecture.

During the press conference announcing the additional game cards for these tournaments, CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara was joined by Rukiya Apo, Masa Patrick Usami, Shinobu Ota, Genji Umeno, and Yuto Saito.

One of the additional bouts for “RIZIN.44” will feature Rukiya Abo and Tadashi Usami Patrick competing under kickboxing rules.

As for “RIZIN LANDMARK 6 in NAGOYA”, there will be three additional matchups. Naoki Inoue will face Shinobu Ota under MMA rules, Igor Tanabe will go up against ANIMAL☆KOJI, and Genji Umeno will take on Yuto Saito in a kickboxing match with elbows.

CEO Sakakibara expressed excitement about Yuto Saito’s participation, as K-1 has declared its commitment to opening up and actively participating in competitions with other organizations. This marks Saito’s debut, and the fight will involve elbows, a departure from the normal K-1 rules.

The first additional card for “RIZIN LANDMARK 6 in NAGOYA” will feature a match between Naoki Inoue and Shinobu Ota, both top bantamweights in RIZIN. Ota recognizes Inoue’s strength and technical skills but aims to clear him in order to compete for the RIZIN belt.

The second additional card will see Genji Umeno returning to the RIZIN ring against K-1 fighter Yuto Saito. Umeno has long desired a technique-focused competition in RIZIN, and he believes this match will satisfy fans. Saito, on the other hand, greatly respects Umeno and plans to give his all in a competitive showdown.

Lastly, the third additional card for “RIZIN LANDMARK 6 in NAGOYA” will feature Igor Tanabe taking on ANIMALS☆KOJI. Tanabe is thrilled to be playing in RIZIN again, especially near his hometown. He aims to showcase his specialist groundwork. ANIMAL☆KOJI, known as the fighting wanderer, is excited to fight on the big stage of RIZIN and hopes to prove that nothing is impossible as a martial artist.

Tickets for both “RIZIN.44” and “RIZIN LANDMARK 6 in NAGOYA” are currently available for purchase on e-plus. With exciting matchups lined up, be sure to secure your spot at the venue to witness the action.

Information about Events

– Date: September 24th (Sunday), starting at 14:00
– Location: Saitama Super Arena (Saitama Prefecture)

– Date: October 1st (Sunday), starting at 13:00
– Location: Dolphins Arena (Aichi Prefecture)

“RIZIN.44” will be held on September 24th (Sunday) at Saitama Super Arena (Saitama Prefecture), and “RIZIN LANDMARK 6 in NAGOYA” will be held on October 1st (Sunday) at Dolphins Arena (Aichi Prefecture ).

“RIZIN.44” will be held at Saitama Super Arena (Saitama Prefecture) on Sunday, September 24th.

“RIZIN LANDMARK 6 in NAGOYA” will be held at Dolphins Arena (Aichi Prefecture) on Sunday, October 1st.

In addition to CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara, Rukiya Apo, Masa Patrick Usami, Shinobu Ota, Genji Umeno, and Yuto Saito took the stage at the press conference announcing the additional game cards for this tournament.

As an additional card in “RIZIN.44”, Rukiya Abo vs. Tadashi Usami Patrick battle was established. This match will be held under kickboxing rules.

In addition, 3 cards were issued in “RIZIN LANDMARK 6 in NAGOYA”. Under the rules of MMA, there are Naoki Inoue and Shinobu Ota, Igor Tanabe and ANIMAL☆KOJI, and under the rules of kickboxing (elbows), Genji Umeno and Yuto Saito.

CEO Sakakibara touched on the participation of Yuto Saito, a member of K-1, and said, “K-1 has also declared the opening of the country, and it is said that it will actively participate in other competitions with other organizations, so first Saito, who belongs to K-1, will appear. (The rules are also) it will be a fight with elbows, which is not a normal K-1 rule, so look forward to it.” speak.

“RIZIN.44” additional card

Rukiya Abo vs. Tadashi Usami Patrick

Rukiya Abo, who will participate in RIZIN for the first time in about 5 months, told Tadashi Usami, “My honest impression is that it is good to have a chivalrous spirit when fighting with me as an MMA fighter with fixed rules. ‘ he said. “Just because of the difference in ability, the people around me think (Usami) will lose, and I think I probably think that, so I think I’m going to beat him tremendously,” he said enthusiastically.

Usami, who will return to the tournament after losing at the Osaka tournament in April this year, said, “Everyone thinks I will definitely lose, but I have confidence in my great hitting, and my level is different to those around me. I want to show you where I am,” he said. Even if he’s not looking at Anpo, he says, “For people who think they’re going to lose, I want to get rid of them all with the pinch hitter feeling and the bases loaded home run.'”

Usami Tadashi Patrick

This match, where Anpo will play against an active MMA fighter with kicking rules, will be a match that kicking fans and MMA fans alike will pay attention to.

Additional card 1 “RIZIN LANDMARK 6 in NAGOYA”.

Naoki Inoue vs. Shinobu Ota

Shinobu Ota, who beat Kazuma Kuramoto in April and Kenta Takizawa in July, and is currently on a two-match winning streak, will face Naoki Inoue.

Regarding his impression of Inoue, Ota said, “I think he is a very strong player, and I have a lot of respect for him. He is also very technically skilled, and he shows great performances in matches. “

Continuing, he touched on his goal of winning the belt, saying, “In order to participate in the RIZIN belt, (Inoue) is a player that must be cleared. Conversely, if you can clear Naoki Inoue, the RIZIN belt is inevitable ‘I’m going to beat them on the day, and I’ll beat the winner (Umi and Archuleta) soundly, and I’ve declared that I’ll be the champion next year, so I want to do what I say.”

A battle between RIZIN’s best bantamweights. Which one will move on to the game of thrones?

Additional card 2 “RIZIN LANDMARK 6 in NAGOYA”.

Genji Umeno vs. Yuto Saito

Genji Umeno, who will be returning since “RIZIN.43” this June, will face the killer from K-1, Yuto Saito.

Regarding the fight against the K-1 fighter this time, Umeno said, “It’s one of the things I’ve been saying in the RIZIN ring for a long time, ‘I want you to hold a technique competition standing’ and ‘I want to make the standing technique more exciting.’ I think it will match K-1 this way. I wonder if Sakakibara-san got the message I always wanted him to learn.” Continuing, he said confidently, “This time, I’m going to show you a flashy, hot game, a YAVAY game.”

On the other hand, Saito said, “I have a lot of respect for Umeno, and he’s a great fighter, so I thought he was good.” He also expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “I’m definitely going to play a game where I’ll either beat him or be beaten, so I want to beat him in a dangerous way.”

It will be interesting to see who wins the RIZIN vs K-1 match this time!

Additional card “RIZIN LANDMARK 6 in NAGOYA” 3

Igor Tanabe vs ANIMALS☆KOJI

Comment by Igor Tanabe

Following on from last time, I’m very happy to be able to play in RIZIN again, and this time it’s close to my hometown, Mie Prefecture, and I’m looking forward to it. When it comes to the game, no matter who the opponent is, there is no change in what I do. I hope I can bring it into my own field and finish with my specialist groundwork! Thank you all for your support!


Yes! I am the fighting wanderer ANIMAL☆KOJI! My favorite banana is food. I will explode the experience of fighting in different countries with various rules on this big stage called RIZIN and run up to the top front. And from now on, as a martial artist, I want to fight regardless of the rules, even with mixed rules. I also want to be active as a mixed martial artist. I will prove with my body that nothing is impossible. Beast will save the world. Welcome to the wild world.

“RIZIN.44” and “RIZIN LANDMARK 6 in NAGOYA” are now on sale at e-plus. Both tournaments have good cards, so head to the venue to watch them.

information about events


Date: September 24th (Sunday) start 14:00
Location: Saitama Super Arena (Saitama Prefecture)

information about events


Date: October 1 (Sunday) 13:00 start
Location: Dolphins Arena (Aichi Prefecture)

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