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[Photo]The second part of the snapshot is a serious version. Mr. Kashiwagi (C) MMAPLANET who always selects the place where the letters of RIZIN enter the background

RIZIN TRIGGER 01 will be held today at the Kobe World Memorial Hall in Chuo-ku, Kobe on Sunday, 28th. The second part of an interview with Shingo Kashiwagi on the issue of the actual situation of J-MMA and MMA of Japan in the world before the competition.

What to expect from the RIZIN rule cage competition. And Mr. Kashiwagi enthusiastically spoke about the future of RIZIN and Bellator.

── TRIGGER is a cage and RIZIN rule. It seems that we will see a different battle from North America Unified in the cage and RIZIN rule in the ring.

“I think a four-point knee on the ground and a soccer ball kick in the cage would reduce the stalemate considerably. It would be a tough fight for the players.”

──The referee is also enthusiastic.

“Hmm, but I have to adjust there.”

──When a soccer ball kick comes in, it may be a signal to end, but I’m really scared of a player sitting with a cage on his back, such as a knee kick. However, it may happen that it stops due to the visual impact.

“It’s a knee. When you get up from a takedown, kicking your knee with scramble is a non-unified attack. If you take a break with unified, it will be fatal.”

──No, you can’t stop. It’s tough !!

“That’s right. You have to move. Then you have to get up and bring it to the clinch right away.”

── That makes you tired … By the way, if unified thinking players are going to play games with foreign players in the cage, it seems that there will be more cases where players who avoid RIZIN will participate because it is a ring.

“Maybe …”

──At the same time, you might say that you only want to get out of the cage.

“I refuse such players (laughs). That’s a joke, and I think it’s good to have a player who wants to use only TRIGGER and a stepping stone. It’s cool, and the management side may want to participate in it, and a big fight may be born.

It is possible that when TRIGGER gets excited, a cage champion will be born at RIZIN. When it comes to the birth of the RIZIN Ring Champion and the RIZIN Cage Champion, isn’t that interesting? If the wire mesh gets excited with TRIGGER … RIZIN to that extent, that is the other competition that Mr. Takashima mentioned earlier … RIZIN’s spin-off story will be established. That’s really funny. “

──It’s already overwhelmed.


──J-MMA world …….

“No, what are you talking about !! That’s not true.”

── Ahahahahaha.

“No, no, no, isn’t it a catch !! (laughs). I’m not thinking about that. But isn’t the unified championship of rings and cages interesting !!”

── That’s interesting. As a result, it will be suppressed (laughs).

“That’s why it’s not overwhelming (laughs)”

──I’ve been free for 25 years, so I can’t continue things without power. It’s not a lie to take it for granted.

“But RIZIN doesn’t want that at all. After all, if there is no cooperation, the whole industry will not get excited. When something falls, the industry that thinks” Look at it “will not grow. “

── That’s right. When the fighting sports newsletter was suspended for our magazine, no one was pleased with the Gon-class human beings. It was a big pinch for the genre that the rival magazine that was running ahead disappeared. Therefore, even if you win with TRIGGER, you will continue to play with the promotion that was originally active. That’s the ideal, isn’t it?

“That’s right. Not only the players who lost and returned to play, but also the winning players made a triumphant return. I’m going to do it while adjusting well. It will get better. Is it sweet? “

──Whether it’s sweet or spicy … (laughs). I have to pursue my ideal. In such a part, all promotions are monetized by the players selling by hand, and there is a situation where the match is organized regardless of whether you win or lose. That’s the difference from UFC, Bellator, PFL, ONE, BRAVE CF, UAEW, etc. What do you think of Mr. Kashiwagi?

“In Japan, MMA is in the form of a box office, and it is not widely accepted as content, and it is not a situation where you can get investment from sponsor fees and investors. In this situation, it is as plain as PFL. But you can’t call players from all over the world to be strong. It would be really ideal if you could. But Japan is not in that situation. “

──I’m looking forward to seeing how the industry as a whole can overcome this. And from here on, I would like to talk about Mr. Kashiwagi’s public relations.


── RIZIN bantamweight champion Kyoji Horiguchi has signed a contract with Bellator. Although it is exclusive with Berator, you can play a match with Berator’s agreement regarding RIZIN. I think this is an epoch-making contract form that has never existed in this industry. If that happens, will other Japanese players be able to sign a contract with Verator in the same way and play games in Japan as well?

“Regardless of Japanese players, we have received inquiries as to whether foreign players who have an exclusive contract with RIZIN can also make a contract like Horiguchi.”

── That’s right.

“I love Japan and I love RIZIN. I will fight twice at RIZIN and two games at Verator. Is that possible?”

──If that happens, it would be really wonderful.

“It may be possible to create a new contract system starting with Kyoji Horiguchi. Well, I think it’s really amazing because it was decided by the discussion between Scott Coker and President Sakakibara, people to people, and relationships. increase”

──However, even if Japanese players other than Horiguchi have such hope, can you win with Verator? To be honest, I have the feeling that it is not sweet.

“That’s me too. It’s not easy. To be honest, the word world may be easy to say, but I think it’s the first thing to know. It’s good to want to go. If you can, you should go. But it’s necessary to see the reality, and I think it’s best to have a player who has a record that everyone in the country is satisfied with. Think about winning in the UFC instead of going to the UFC.

In that case, at present, even if I go to the UFC from Japan, it will not be transmitted. It may not be understood by the players who are feeling crazy, but I want them to improve their brand power and bring Japanese fans to the UFC.

Take the eyeballs of 10,000, 20,000, and 100,000 Japanese fans. You should be supported from all over the country. Not the 100 people around me. Since there are things called RIZIN, it’s good to say “RIZIN is different”, but I wish I could use the things that can be used. I think you should use it the other way around. “

──It’s been more than 19 years ago, but when Hayato Sakurai challenged Matt Hughes’ world welterweight title at the UFC, WOWOW and Samurai TV staff went to the site and not only specialized media. Reporters from sports newspapers and general magazines also visited Las Vegas. Above all, Mach had the power to challenge the world.

“That’s exactly what it is. It’s not like that now. It hasn’t penetrated to the point where the world is booming in martial arts. It’s good to aim for the best in the world. I I would like to see such a figure. I think that RIZIN should be used in order for the achievements to contribute to everyone.

──If you don’t become so determined, you can’t do it without that willpower. There is also that, and I wonder if there are players who want to convince themselves (laughs).

“Of course, I also like a player who has a straightforward attitude that makes me think I’m stupid. I love that strength of will.”

──Because I love you deadly, you want to see him fighting at RIZIN (laughs).

“Well, that road is Shura’s road. Thanks to that, I’m grateful that there is an LFA broadcast. So, I’m satisfied with the desire to use RIZIN to go to the world. I am familiar with the feeling that I do not want it. That is also the case with TRIGGER. I want you to use it and aim for the top. “

──I see. Well, Mr. Kashiwagi is the ultimate. Then, on the contrary to Horiguchi, will Berator’s players come to RIZIN again?

“Yes. It’s really an unprecedented good relationship in the world. It’s a reality because of Scott Coker’s love for Japan and his great understanding. Scott also considers his own interests, of course. I have to do it, but I’m looking beyond that. I can build this relationship because of that ambition. Players and promoters, promoters and promoters are in WIN WIN. After all, human relations are WIN WIN. You can’t build it without it. “

──You’re right.

“That’s why it’s natural that RIZIN not only sends players to Berator, but also wants Berator players to come to RIZIN.”

── Magomed Magomedov, Jay Jay Wilson … I want to see it.

“I’m Borich, I’m Borich (laughs)”

──I want to see shit. Adam Borich, by all means at TRIGGER.

“No, that’s why TRIGGER isn’t (laughs). I’d like to invite some of the best Asian players. If it’s Verator, there may be players who have a one-off contract. But that’s right. Then Asian players are more interesting. Then please interview MMAPLANET. “

──Of course.

“But when Jay Jay Wilson, Danny Sabatero, and MMAPLANET interviewed me, I was overweight, and I missed because I was positive in Corona. I want you to forgive me for creating that kind of jinx (laughs).”

──No, please forgive me here. It’s also a negative campaign (laughs).


──I can’t write in the ring, but I want RIZIN to have the top players from Verator for the J-MMA world.

“Then, Japanese fans can enjoy the regular tournament of Belator, but I was really happy to have MMAPLANET interviewed today because of the real TRIGGER.”

──I would be happy if you could ask for the monthly publication, Shingo Kashiwagi’s No. 1 in the future.

“Are you sure? Please by all means (laughs)”

■ Viewing method (planned)
November 28 (Sun)
2 pm-Exciting RIZIN
2:00 pm-RIZIN LIVE
2:00 pm-SKY PerfecTV!

■ RIZIN TRIGGER01 measurement results

Shoji: 65.80 km
Kyohei Hagiwara: 65.95 km

<68 km contract / 5 minutes 3R>
Yoshinori Horie: 68.00 km
Daiki Nakata: 67.40 km

Kiichi Kunimoto: 76.75 km
Takahiro Kawanaka: 76.10 km

Ryuichirou Sumimura: 76.90 km
Kinoshita Yusuke: 76.95 km

Shian: 60.95 km
Uoi full swing: 60.50 km

Kiyo Rodmoto: 57.00 km
Takashi Matsuba: 56.60 km

Chihiro Suzuki: 66.00 km
Sora Yamamoto: 65.60 km

<73 km contract / 5 minutes 3R>
Keisuke Okuda: 72.45 km
Grant Bogdanov: 72.95 km

Makoto Kamaya: 60.90 km
Daiki Light Year: 60.90 km

Mandokoro Hitoshi: 52.75 km
Yu Hiramatsu: 53.00 km

Daito Ichimura: 60.90 km
Tepparith Singing: 60.95 km

Hundred flowers: 45.70 km
Future: 45.85キロ

Kenji Kato: 60.80 km
Katsuya Fujiwara: 59.80 km

Morii Tsubasa: 54.90 km
FUJIMON ♡: 54.60 km



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