[ROAD FC 059 D-1] ‘Comeback after 4 years’ Kim Soo-cheol, will Road FC become the first two-weight champion?

Former bantamweight champion and ‘Asia’s strongest’ Kim Soo-cheol (30, Wonju Rodjim), who retired in 2017 due to panic disorder, returns. He challenges himself to become the featherweight champion by one weight higher than his main weight class.

His opponent is Park Hae-jin (29, Kingdom MMA), a ‘Ju-Jitsu National Standing Army’ who has experience in featherweight title fights. If Kim Soo-cheol defeats Park Hae-jin, he will become the first two-weight champion (bantamweight and featherweight) in Road FC history. Through the countdown, Kim Soo-cheol showed a more humane (?) than before, when he only showed a strong side.

The following is a countdown written by Kim Soo-cheol himself.

Hello. This is Road FC fighter Kim Soo-cheol, who came back after 4 years.

It has been 4 years since I announced my retirement in 2017. At that time, Director Jung Mun-hong also resigned as CEO, and I also had a difficult time with panic disorder, so I decided to retire and left the cage. Now, my panic disorder has improved a lot, and as I am in a state of being able to play, I have come back again.

The competition is now tomorrow. Now all my nerves are focused on the match. Since I haven’t played in the past 4 years, I’ve been concentrating on my workouts while imagining a virtual match in my head. I’m very nervous because I’ve been running for a long time.

Every time I prepare for a match, it is both scary and frightening. Even after lying in bed at night, he got up and watched the video of his opponent, Park Hae-jin, and said, “Oh, it’s X! You’re doing great!” Not once or twice.

Still, I have a wife who helps me both physically and mentally by examining what I eat every day so that I can only think about the game, team members who follow me without saying a word even though I train hard every day, and Manager Jung Moon-hong who believes in me, so I prepare well for the game. I could. Thank you very much.

Besides, I want to defeat Park Hae-jin in order to repay everyone who helps me. We will do our best to show a proper match and a cool and hot match to those who come to the stadium and to those who watch. thank you.

Meanwhile, Road Mall ROAD FC 059 will be held on September 4th at Wonju Sports Complex.


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