Rob Lowe destroys a tweet assuming Elizabeth Warren

Kristine Phillips, The Washington Post

February 10, 2019

The actor Rob Lowe was skewered on social media because of deleting a tweet now, and said Mr. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. "Full new meaning with" Chief Superintendent "- post by Senator to become Native American.

The tweet came shortly after the formal launch of the Saturday presidential motion. Lowe delete the tweet a few hours later, saying that "had some peeps" at his joke. On Sunday morning, he talked about the pollution of the country and what he thinks of it.

"Observers: Actually many politicians are actually coupled with each other, helping privately to each other, then put the pot forward in public, playing the votes. Okay. The only wrong thing is that when we buy a whole cloth , breeding intolerance, anger and full inability to laugh at ANYON, "he write on Twitter

Some critics commented on the social media that Lowe did not apologize. On Saturday, Twitter users successfully rehabilitated a 30-year-old scandal on a sex tape story that ended Lowe's career.

Lowe is not known for Sam Seaborn to play in "The West Wing" and Chris Traeger in "Parks and Recreation", the only famous person who was wandering Warren after she asked her candidacy.

"Today, Elizabeth Warren, who said Pocahontas, resigned to the President," tweeted President Donald Trump on Saturday. "Will she continue as our first American Native American presidential candidate, or have she decided, after 32 years, is not playing this too? See the TRAIL, Liz!" Campaign

Many president saw a tweet, who won a massive kudos from his eldest son, sadly on the Tears of the Tears, that the Indigenous Americans came from their own country under President Andrew Jackson.

He has been struggling with Warren to clear a controversy over his claims for the indigenous American identity. Earlier this month, she privily apologized to the Cherokee Nation over DNA test results indicating that she has a native Native American woman. The test worried American indigenous leaders, said that tribal citizenship is deeply rooted in culture, heritage and laws, not just blood.

Last week, Washington Post reported that Massachusetts "American Indian" chancellor was listed as a registration card race for Texas State Bar 32 years ago. Barren again excused this time in public, "to confuse tribal sovereignty and tribal citizenship and consequently harm."

References to the controversy came under the direction of the controversy when she wanted to focus the conversation on her economic message.

All this comes from a separate racing controversy at boiling in Virginia, where white politicians got themselves cleaned with surface history.

Gov. Ralph Northam, D, addresses overwhelming calls for his resignation after a racist photograph from the year's medical school year's surface a week ago. The photo shows two people, one in black form and another in Ku Klux Klan holes. Northam, who planned to stay in office, said he was not in the picture, although he took responsibility for the first time and could not explain why the photo was on his annual page.

Attorney General admitted Virginia Mark Herring, D, and apologized for spending black cream in the past.

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Annie Linskey, Washington, Amy Gardner and Gregory Schneider of the Washington Post contributed to this report.


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