[Robot live][Suzuki silver medal won! ]Badminton Men’s / Women’s Singles / Women’s Doubles Final | Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

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Robot commentary and subtitles are available


Women’s Singles SU5 (Standing / Arm) Final Ayako Suzuki Against Yang Qiuxia (China) (08: 14: 15 ~)


Women’s Doubles SL3-SU5 (standing) Noriko Ito / Ayako Suzuki Toumakai / Cheng Hefang (China) (00: 07: 40 ~)
Men’s Singles SL3 (Standing / Feet) Pramod Bagat (India) vs.Daisuke Fujiwara (00:48:25~)
Women’s Singles SU5 (Standing / Arms)Ayako Suzuki versus亀山枫 (03:39:05~)
Mixed doubles SL3-SU5 (standing)Akiko Sugino / Daisuke Fujiwara Against Faustine Noel / Luca Mazur (France) (05: 32: 20 ~)


Since the robot commentary and subtitles are automatically performed based on the competition data, the actual situation may differ from the actual situation due to data errors or delays.


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