‘ROCK MOUNTAIN Khao Kho’ concert canceled after the coronavirus pandemic

‘ROCK MOUNTAIN Khao Kho’ concert canceled after the coronavirus pandemic

On December 30, reporters reported that The Omiron (Omicron) strain of COVID-19, which has now been found to spread, has infected hundreds of people in dozens of provinces. has begun to spit poison And recently, affecting the concert until the cancellation was announced, which on Facebook called “genie fest” has published an announcement canceling “RockMountain 2022 Khao Kho Music Festival” scheduled to be held in On February 12, 2022 at Khao Kho District, Phetchabun Province, the announcement canceled the ticket sales on 9 Jan.22 and canceled the show on 12 Feb.22, stating that “We are aware of All the fans’ safety when in the right situation, hope to have the opportunity to meet again.” #GFest #GMMShow

For the music festival Chang Music Connection presents ROCK MOUNTAIN 2022 Khao Kho, famous rock bands such as Big Ass, cocktails KELAR LABANOON LIMOSONIC NUM KALA PALMY THREE MAN DOWN TILLY BIRDS are preparing to perform. Previously, it was announced that tickets will be available for sale on January 9, 65, prompting fans to prepare to buy tickets at Counter Service All ticket in all 7-Eleven stores across the country. which announced the cancellation of the concert It turns out that many fans have come to comment. by expressing regret while some say “Prepare your mind”


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