Rocket members such as Gordon have been diagnosed again! Wall and Cousins ​​were forced to quarantine for 7 days and post a message | NBA |

The leak happened in the night! According to the latest report by Shams Charania, a staff member of the Rocket tested positive for the new crown pneumonia, which once again triggered the new crown tracking mechanism, including Eric Gordon and others, as well as others. It is not yet known who it is.

The recent rocket is really unlucky. Yesterday, the rocket just triggered the new crown tracking mechanism. The reason is that Kenyon Martin Jr. tested positive for the new crown, and he had teamed up with John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Jae’Sean Tate and others to get a haircut, so Wall, Cousins ​​and others were immediately sent home for isolation.

Coupled with Ben McLemore’s diagnosis of new crown pneumonia a few days ago, and James Harden was not allowed to play because of violating the league’s epidemic prevention regulations, the Rockets didn’t have enough minimum 8 people to fight yesterday, so the league decided to postpone the game.

Today, the Rockets were diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia again, and the new crown tracking mechanism was once again triggered. According to insiders, it is determined that Gordon is affected, but it is still uncertain who the others are.

The insider also said that according to the league’s policy, Wall, Cousins, Tate and others need to be quarantined for 7 days, which means they will definitely not be able to participate in the Rockets’ game against the pioneers on Sunday.

If today’s new crown tracking mechanism is punished again and more people have to be quarantined, the Rockets’ next game schedule will still be stretched, although Harden only needs to be quarantined for 4 days, and it is likely to return on Sunday.

It is worth mentioning that just before Charania’s report, Cousins ​​updated his Twitter, only posting an angry and speechless face. Obviously, Cousins, who is undergoing quarantine, feels very depressed about the current dilemma facing the Rockets.


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