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Rocket Studio has released a new PV for the mystery-solving horror adventure series “Yuugen Mikaidou Tanteisha Chapter 2” for Nintendo Switch, which is scheduled to be released on November 24th.

“Yuugen Mikaidou Tanteisha Chapter 2” is a title developed in-house by Rocket Studio, and Chapter 1 will be released in March 2022. Continuing from the previous work, the story of a detective agency specializing in “ghosts” which solves mysterious cases in the world, set in Kanna City where many mysterious events take place.

This series can be enjoyed as if reading a manga book, and the story will be completed with each chapter. However, by playing all the series, you can see the real world.
This time also, the main character Morimaru, who has “clear eyes” to see the face of death, and the assistant Sakurako, who has a constitution that is easily liked by spirits, and Daizen, who is “Morimaru’s father and a psychic like a ferret?”

The PV is designed to show the world view of this series, and you can see how the story progresses with the commentary of the main characters and the command selection method. The content is a hybrid of chapters 1 and 2 of the previous work series “Yuugen Mikaidou Tanteisha”, and you can also check the content of the new work “Yuugen Mikaidou Tanteisha 2”.

Detective Agency Yugen Mikaido Chapter 2 “Souka” Summary
The development of the AI ​​robot “Earl” was done by Professor Konokatsu at Hwaroshi University. Although there was a tragic accident during the development, “Earl” will finally be open to the public.
At Ozen’s invitation, Morimaru and Sakurako reluctantly go to a location where AI robots will be announced.

In the introduction, Morimaru notices that the AI ​​robot Earl is showing signs of death.
Confused, the AI ​​robot asks Morimaru to act as a detective.

“Yuugen Mikaido Detective Agency Chapter 2”
Genre: Mystery Solving Horror Adventure
Target platform: Nintendo Switch
Development: Rocket Studio
Publication date: November 24, 2022
Price: 500 yen


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