Rockets’ new nuclear arrogant words to win the championship: today just shot but missed_Jay

Original title: Rockets’ new nuclear rhetoric wants to win the championship

On October 6, Beijing time, the 2021-22 NBA preseason continued, with the Houston Rockets sitting at home against the Washington Wizards. After the game, the Rockets beat the Wizards 125-119 and got a good start to the preseason.

In this game, the Rockets’ two new cores played a little bit differently. Kevin Porter scored 25 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists. His performance was extremely stealthy, but the new leader Jaylen Green only scored 12 points and 6 rebounds. The ball is 0 in 6, and the efficiency is not good.

After the game, when it comes to his performance, Little Porter was very confident. He even made a bold statement, “My goal in Houston is to win the championship. This is everyone’s goal and the ultimate goal.”

“For me, everything is about mentality. I just told myself that I have to believe in my technical ability. I have done a lot of training this summer… In the team, I also have the help of my teammates. They don’t want me to be negative on the court. They want me to be aggressive because it helps everyone open up the situation.”

For the Rockets’ debut performance, Rockets marshal Stephen Silas was also very excited. He said, “We have made good use of what we learned in training camp and enjoyed the speed and competitiveness on the court.”

“He (Little Potter) worked hard today to create opportunities for himself and his teammates. He has a great balance in this regard. He took a big step tonight.”

“I’m sure that (in the future) our games will be very good-looking.”

In addition, Silas also encouraged Jaylen Green, who played poorly in this game, “He is very motivated and fast. As he learns and grows, he will become very good. He didn’t shoot very well today. But he looked (still) comfortable on the court, and my first impression of him was very good.”

Jaylen Green also said that he would not be discouraged because of the poor state of the first game. “I think I showed aggressiveness on the court and focused on the defensive end, but I just didn’t score today.” (Poirot)Return to Sohu to see more


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