Rockstar Games Opens Official Taiwan LINE Account, Launching Today | 4 Gamers

Rockstar Games announced today (3) the launch of the official Taiwan LINE account (LINE ID: @rockstargamestw), and the preview will bring the latest news, information, etc. to Taiwanese players.

According to the official message, add the official account as a “friend” to receive notifications of new content, in-game rewards and discounts, community events for your favorite games, and more.

Rockstar Games, which everyone is familiar with, is a game development company under Take-Two. It was founded in 2008. His signature works are series like “Grand Theft Auto”, “The Color of Rivers and Lakes” and “Blood Killing”. The game that continues to sell right now is Grand Theft Auto 5, and the game everyone is waiting for is Grand Theft Auto 6.

Rockstar Games Taiwan LINE official account how to join

1. Use the URL link to join friends

2. Open the LINE app, click “Add Friends” → “Search” → search for “@rockstargamestw” to join

3. Scan QR Code to join.


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