Roger Dubuis x Dr Wu Excalibur Dr Wu Monovalancier

Space travel is a miracle caused by another meeting of stars. Roger Dubuis and Dr. Wu’s endless journey through the design universe. Beyond the expression of watchmaking, art and innovation once again cross paths in the sky. A cosmic, limitless inspiration that transcends the world, creating a bold creation from two traditional crafts. The new masterpiece to be presented is the Excalibur Dr. Wu Monovalancier.
This model is the perfect combination of Hyperorology™ and detailed tattoo art.
This is the second special model from this partnership, the first since the launch of the extraordinary monotourbillon in 2021. This time, the renowned tattoo artist, Dr. Wu, has stepped back into Roger Dubuis’ most important element, The Manufacture , with his masterful touches on the Excalibur Monovalancier.

For 2022, this acclaimed timepiece is reborn with clean cut lines and modern materials throughout the case and movement, a perfect collaboration between the Maison and the Urban Culture Tribe. As a result of technical excellence and ingenuity, the Excalibur Monovalancier is now the ultimate canvas for creativity. Dr Wu draws his inspiration from the intricate surfaces of ceramics, representing the passage of time between the forces of the sun, earth and moon.

a spirit to share

Through craftsmanship, performance and bold innovation, Roger Dubuis has always sought to introduce a new contemporary era of watchmaking, subverting traditional watchmaking conventions with his invented Hyperhorology™. Likewise, Dr. Wu is a master of art and a respected figure in the urban culture scene. Having tattooed famous celebrities and others, he always incorporates intentional expression into his work. His unique style stands apart from the bold lines and bright colors of traditional tattoos, and his signature ultra-thin style not only impresses when you see it, but also grows and develops. motivating, it also changes the culture of his work. Roger Dubuis and Dr. Wu are perfect companions exploring design together. Attention to detail is critical and progress is essential.

galaxy at work

Your journey into this powerful Monovalancier watch begins with a dial that features three celestial bodies. Depicting the sun’s rotation between 10 and 11 o’clock, the lines, shapes and dots are meticulously laser-etched onto a PVD-coated black brass plate. The plate covering the caliber’s micro-rotor is in constant motion, spinning rapidly as if by magic with the movement of the wearer’s wrist.

The next feature is the earth. Enclosing the barrel between 4 and 5 o’clock, this spinning mass of energy is also adorned with Dr. Wu’s intricate art, artfully linked to the rotating hands of the clock. This means that the disc rotates once every 6 hours and 40 minutes (3.6 rotations per day).

Finally, the design journey continues to the moon. The thin crescent moon at 8 o’clock is decorated with fine circles and lines, beautifully complementing the inner workings of the balance wheel below. This long stream of magical light represents the waning moon, a time associated with intuition and thought.

The wonderful view created by the spiral parts that make you feel as if you are staring at the night sky will enchant the wearer for hours. This theme is also repeated on the case back, where the Sun, Earth and Moon are engraved with Dr Wu’s own name.

a new path

Other symbols also play an important role. One of them is Dr. Wu’s signature spider, located between 2 and 3 o’clock. This secret “passenger” was already part of the first edition released in 2021. This time, the spider is back, engraved in jet black on the sapphire disc inside the watch , located on the flange. A motif of strength and protection, this timepiece has a strong association with the artist. Furthermore, inside the sapphire disc, Roger Dubuis’ Astral Star in gold metal, reinterpreted by this unique collaboration, is vividly engraved. The 3D-carved rocket ship that appeared in the first limited edition watch symbolizes a journey through space, exploring new galaxies, around the Sun, Earth and Moon. Not only does the star-shaped dot connect with the pink gold tone hour markers, but the final ray at 9 o’clock completes its path, hurtling towards an unknown but hopeful future. What’s next? It is as limitless as you can imagine.

Dr. Wu’s words

Dr. Wu said of this new monobalancer: “With this design, we were able to consider the movement of time in the galaxy. The solar system is a wonderful place with continuous rhythms and patterns of movement. Roger Dubuis is the one and only Hyper Oro. The Logy™ method has given us information. a powerful and innovative platform to unleash our creativity.”

mastering ceramics

The new Excalibur Dr. Wu Monovalancier is housed in a sophisticated black ceramic case. While many watchmakers tailor their ceramic cases to materials, Roger Dubuis does the opposite. Without compromising the sharp case shape, the true capabilities of the maison are shown by freely processing difficult materials to create the ideal structure you can imagine.

This process takes 15 times longer than making the same case out of gold, but it is a time-consuming process that offers many benefits to the wearer. Withstanding everyday wear and tarnishing over time, Roger Dubuis ceramic timepieces are the perfect combination of durability and style. This 42mm ceramic case is engraved with Dr. Wu’s iconic words. Its enigmatic glyphs surround the bezel and flange, from a sharp triangle that originates from the earth to a perfect circle that represents the infinite connection between people. Free to interpret and interesting, this row of geometric symbols is also engraved on a calfskin leather strap. To maximize the wearer’s creativity, the straps feature a versatile quick release system that can be changed in seconds.

Iconic Excalibur Monovalancier Caliber

The Excalibur Dr. Wu Monobalancer is powered by the RD720SQ automatic caliber, which is known for its performance. The inertial force of the sun-covered balance wheel improves stability, while the micro-rotor is designed to reduce vibration, allowing for less impact. In addition, an advanced mechanism of diamond-coated silicon escape wheel and silicon pallet stones provides an incredible power reserve of 72 hours, offering even more functionality and comfort. The Excalibur Dr. Wu Monovalancier, certified by the Seal of Geneva, is like a piece of contemporary art. Every part is finished by hand and you can feel the excellent skill and passion.

eternal art

Like the meeting of skin and ink, this watch has a lasting meaning. An eternal reminder to pursue every horizon and live an infinite time. The Excalibur Dr. Wu Monovalancier is a rare gem in the world of Hyperhorology™. With a limited production of just 28 pieces, it is highly collectible and you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind collaboration.

About Roger Dubuis

An adrenaline rush, a pounding heart, and a certain feeling that something is about to happen, that’s the future of Hyperhorology™. Since 1995, Roger Dubuis has been rocking the world of Haute Horlogerie since 1995. A brand full of innovative spirit and the spirit of reversing existing conventions, supported by the Manufacture with its own integrated manufacturing system. This is Roger Dubuis. For an exclusive tribe that wants to seize every opportunity to live life to the fullest, Roger Dubuis is not afraid to exaggerate, confident, almost arrogant, always sharp and a spotlight on every moment of life. Inspired by cutting edge technology and amazing design from a different field, Roger Dubuis presents the most exciting way to experience Hyperhorology™.



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