Rohit, Gill will pile on, Virat will tear opponents apart, but World Cup matches won’t be exciting – Akash Chopra

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Rohit, Gill will pile on, Virat will tear opponents apart, but World Cup matches won’t be exciting: Akash Chopra

Former Indian player and cricket analyst Akash Chopra said that if the pitches of India’s previous series were prepared for the World Cup, the match will not be exciting. He said if only run pitches are prepared for the World Cup, the World Cup itself will be boring.

He said if the pitches are prepared in favor of the batsmen, they will be able to score up to 400 easily, but the matches will not have any excitement.

If ODI matches are played on these types of pitches, Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill will score a lot of runs. If the day comes when they come out early, Virat Kohli will tear the opposition apart. Such pitches are never suitable for cricket.

If you want to bat fireworks then they prepare these types of pitches. This is not a good thing as the World Cup is being held here.

It is easy to score 400 runs on such a pitch. A 400-run match will not be that good,” Chopra said.

Akash Chopra added that the nature of the pitch will be clear if we look at the last two ODI series played by India.

If we look at the last six matches against Sri Lanka and New Zealand, the team’s scores reached close to 400 in Guwahati, Thiruvananthapuram and Hyderabad.

The World Cup matches will start here and India will be the favourites. But the games will not be exciting at all,’ added Chopra.

So far in 2023, India have played six ODIs from two series. India scored more than 300 four times. In the other two matches, India were not allowed to cross 300 due to chasing.

Indian team scores are 337, 219, 390, 349, 111 and 385.

When India hosted in 2011, it was the first time since 1983 that the World Cup reached Indian soil. India will once again host the World Cup in 2023. Fans believe that India will end their title drought this year.

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