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Roi Et finds 19 new covid cases, total 12,385

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October 25, 2021, Roi Et Provincial Public Health Office The report on the situation of Covid-19 said that there were 19 new cases of Covid-19, 12 more recovered, 283 people are being treated, and 106 people have died. The total number of infections is 12,385.

Two new COVID-19 cases arrived from other provinces (two from the highest and strict control areas) and 17 were infected within Roi Et province (close contact with COVID-19 cases). in the family/community 16 cases/hospital screening 1 case) in 5 districts as follows:

1. Nong Phok District, 13 cases, 13 infected in the area (M. 2, Tha Sida Subdistrict, 12 cases / Moo 5, Mueang Subdistrict, 1 case) with risk factors. from being exposed to a COVID-19 patient from Phonsawan Sub-district, Selaphum District, who attended the funeral of M. 2, Tha Sida Sub-district, between October 14-16, 2021.

2. Kaset Wisai District, 3 cases are infected in Mueang Bua Subdistrict area, 3 cases from close contact with family members who have contracted COVID-19.

3. Phon Thong District, 1 case, screening at the hospital’s respiratory disease clinic Found infected with Covid 19 (T. Wang)

4. Changhan district, 1 case came from Bangkok, 1 case came to check at a hospital in Roi Et province. The result of covid 19

5. Thawat Buri District, 1 case, traveling from Bangkok, 1 case, coming to check at a hospital in Roi Et Province The result of covid 19

According to the announcement of Roi Et Province, No. 41, effective from October 18, 2021, regarding the measures for traveling in and out of Roi Et Province. Those who travel from the most restricted and restricted areas of 23 provinces are required to do the following: 1. Report to the competent official in the area. 2. Register to Roi Et. in the Roi Et application 3. If there is one or more documents according to Articles 31 to 34, they will be quarantined for 7 days.
3.1 There is a test result for covid 19 (RT-PCR) negative, no later than 72 hours before departure 3.2 ATK test negative 3.3 Have been infected with COVID-19 Recovered within 90 days. 3.4 Complete 2 injections of COVID-19 vaccine.

**If there is no evidence, a 14-day quarantine is required**

and ask for cooperation All people’s brothers and sisters Cooperate in preventing the spread of COVID-19 by wearing a mask or 100% cloth mask and keeping distance from other people. Avoid participating in group gatherings. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Avoid eating together during this time.

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