Roland Releases Zenology Pro 2.0 and Roland Cloud Manager Updates

Roland has released an update to its Zenology Pro synthesizer, which includes a brand new user interface, the addition of 8 reverb effects, and more. In addition, Roland Cloud Manager has been updated.

Roland’s sound has had a huge impact on music for decades, arguably defining genres such as Techno, House, Rap, Trap and hip hop, and being heavily influenced by pop, rock and film music. This long legacy ends with the ZEN-Core synthesis system. Zenology 2.0 is a major update of the ZEN-Core synthesizer plugin. New features include an improved user interface, new structure view, new visual feedback, and more.

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What’s new in Zenology Pro 2.0:

  • Over 4,000 sounds and 200 drum kits, easily expandable to over 10,000 selections
  • Compatible with sound packs and sound expansions available on Roland Cloud
  • Advanced patch browser for exploring sounds, marking favorites and creating custom libraries
  • Powerful synth architecture with up to four layouts per patch, each with flexible oscillators, filters, amplifiers, dual LFOs and EQs
  • Multiple layer composition types, including advanced virtual analog and modern PCM
  • 4 oscillators with 9 virtual analog waveforms, super sawtooth, noise, PCM and PCM sync
  • Contains 1840 PCM waveforms, easily expandable to over 7000
  • 10 kinds of filter including JUPITER and other famous models
  • 11 LFO shapes, including tempo-syncable step LFOs with 37 curves per step
  • Over 90 rich Roland effects, including brand new reverb, JUNO-106 and CE-1 chorus, SDD-320 Dimension D and DJ-FX Looper
  • Modern, customizable user interface for smooth workflow in any production environment

Roland Cloud Manager

Roland Cloud Manager opens up a whole new world for your Roland hardware and software tools, fueling your creativity with a growing collection of fresh sounds and companion apps.

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  • Contains all of Roland’s creative instruments and tools and is always up to date
  • Set and forget control
  • One-click installation of Roland virtual instruments and effects
  • Download free premium audio content for soft / hardware instruments
  • Access editors and companion applications for Roland hardware
  • Discover new sounds made just for your instrument
  • Check out everything Roland Cloud has to offer, or just what interests you
  • Manage your membership and purchase lifetime licenses
  • Available for macOS and Windows

Roland Zenology Pro 2.0 is now included in Roland Cloud Pro ($9.99/month), Ultimate ($19.99/month) subscriptions, buy a lifetime license for the single product: $229/€249.

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