Roll and roll as much as you want… ‘Roggling Rolling Back with Abamama~ Chewy Chewy~ Ghost’ was released on 1st June

Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea (CEO Gerald Noonan) released ‘Abama and Returns~ Chewy Chewy~ Ghost Soul’ (Korean version) on June 1st. (※ Steam version released on June 2nd)

This new work is characterized by improving the quality of the game by remastering the second work of the ‘Ghost Soul’ series released in 2005, and adding content to it. The game unique to Goghon, rolling bumps and merging everything to make bigger bumps, remains the same and has evolved into neat graphics, so you can enjoy it more comfortably than at the time of discharge.

Returning with Abamama~ Chewy~ Chewy~ To commemorate the release of Ghost Hon, Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea is holding an event on the KakaoTalk page. After watching the PV launch on YouTube, if you leave a comment about your ‘favorite element in ghost spirits’, you will be drawn in a lottery to return with Abamama~ Chewy~ Gokhon doll smartphone stand (20 people), please call smart (3 people), sticker set (for 3 people) and acrylic key holder (for 3 people) will be presented. This event runs until 9 June (Friday).

Meanwhile, if you buy the first edition of the pack version or the download version by 23:59 on June 30, you can receive a ‘little prince’, a clothing item that can be worn by the game character , the prince, and your. cousins ​​and eighth cousins ​​as a privilege.

In addition, the deluxe edition is exclusive to the download version for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, and Xbox One. It is a product that includes the main game and ‘Ghost Soul Series Music Pack’ DLC as a set. 25 BGM songs from the ghost series are added that can be played when playing the stage in the game, and you can get a ‘Mini Abamama’, a clothing item that the prince, cousins ​​and cousins ​​can wear.

In addition, the special edition, exclusive to the Steam version, includes the main game and ‘Ghost Soul Series Music Pack’ DLC, as well as the ‘Mini Prince’ costume item.

The ‘Ghost Soul Series Music Pack’ paid DLC, which includes the Ghost Soul Series music pack and the Mini Abamama costume item, began distribution on June 1st. It contains 25 songs that any fan of the Goghon series will like, and from this work, you can create your own original playlist through the newly added ‘Preferred BGM’ function. add.