Romania will finish 2023 with at most 1,000 MW installed in green energy

For the moment, investors’ home money is essential, you can’t get started otherwise, the long-term contract market is difficult, but special contracting platforms are emerging. Furthermore, there is optimism in the area of ​​European funds, and products such as contracts for difference (CfD) could finally be used, to the delight of the banks.

“The year 2023 will not be a reference year for project implementation, but 2026 and 2030. What I expect this year is to see the big construction sites launched, which have 2026 and 2030 as commissioning. I don’t see a potential of more than 1,000 MW , but we don’t need more either. We can catch our breath”, said Radu Mustață, sales director, Marsh, during the ZF Power Summit 2023.

Marsh, together with the EBRD, was involved in the realization of the contracts for difference (CfD) scheme, a mechanism that guarantees the investor a constant price for a period of 15 years, a so-called strike price.

Romania committed through the PNNR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) that this year it will finance 1,500 MW of wind and solar through the CfD scheme, for next year the capacity is set at 2,000 MW.

“The Ministry of Energy has opened this call for projects. Eligibility is simple. To access the CfD is a competitive process, but once this financing scheme is accessed, available for a period of 15 years, the project becomes bankable”.

Companies interested in this financing method could submit their letters of interest until the end of last year.

(source: AFP)


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