Rome suspects Prayut Still hoping for an orange drop pointing so far, still not collecting – the spirit of being happy to win is not there.

“Rangsiman” calls for “Big Tu” to show spirit, congratulate “go far”, beat “Wissanu” to lead association-parliamentarians. After giving his opinion the ‘Pitha’ bond can lead to new elections Why establish a national struggle? There has not been a crisis in the country yet.

At 10:30 am on June 1, the far-reaching party Rangsiman Rome Mr A spokesman for the Kao Klai Party (Kor Kor.) held a press conference calling for the old power. expressed the congratulatory spirit of the Kao Klai Party, saying after following the news since the end of the election until today I have not seen people in the old power still like Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister, Mr Wissanu Krea-ngam, Deputy Prime Minister. come out to congratulate the new government which is very strange that this long time has passed We have not heard word of mouth congratulating the winner of the election. Gen. Prayut even less Including preparing the previous government to have to keep things out of the workplace. And transfer the work to the new government to work. Although the election results clearly show that the previous government is not the next government

The Kao Klai Party has prepared to establish a new government. with a working group established during the transition period We are preparing but he did not see the readiness of the previous government If you look at many democratic countries The key spirit is congratulations. More importantly, we also see the attitude of General Prayut that he thinks he could not see otherwise As well as hoping for an orange fall from the government to go far and hope that he will continue to be the Prime Minister, so he think it’s not too late. We would like to hear from the mouth of General Prayut to admit defeat in the election for the government to be possible as it should be We still hope to see the spirit of General Prayut in order to continue working smoothly

When asked if Mr. Wissanu about Mr.’s complaint. Phitha Lim Chareonrat Kao Klai Party leader and candidate for Prime Minister said if there is a problem with membership it could lead to a by-election. Mr Rangsiman said The fact that Mr Wissanu brought the case of Khunying Potjaman Na Pomphet for comparison He did not want to talk about criticism. Because it is different in every case. unlikely to be compared. And he confirmed many times about ITV stocks The Progressive Party is all prepared. It was confirmed that this was political persecution. If you look at the issue of time With news released near the election, there should be political hope. confirm that this issue is prepared and prepared no worries

“I understand that the purpose of Ajarn Wissanu is trying to point a Senator, yes or no? It’s a social cue. That will make the senator hesitant and lead to Wang Som Drop. although everything is going well The question is, will the country be chaotic by doing this? equal to disrespecting the will of the people to exercise their right to vote.”

Mr. Rangsiman went on to say that Don’t focus on the political views of Mr. Get dressed. In the past, maybe Mr. Wissanu is a master of the law. But Mr. Sweat properly for everything. seeing that instead of giving an interview like this he should go and say Gen. Prayuth the spirit to collect things from the palace.

When he was asked how he looked at the proposal of Mr. Jadet Insawang, a senator proposing to establish a national government, how Mr. Rangsiman that he expected that the senator would be trapped by one problem only, namely Section 112, which he had to study honestly about why the national government was established. If you believe accordingly, you must exclude certain sections of the constitution. Thailand is not in a state that requires that state. He still believes he can still go ahead and form a government. Today the country has not encountered a crisis that prevents the government from being established. Recognize that some constitutional conditions are still obstacles. But what needs to be done is to form a government based on public opinion. When it’s set up, gradually remove the bolts from different obstacles.

When asked if it was a sign to force the party to move forward or not Mr Rangsiman said Indeed, there was such an effort. But Mr Chadet is not a representative of all senators, still seeing many senators who come out to support the Progressive Party. Today, our only obstacle is to turn off the switch under section 272, giving parliamentarians the power to choose the prime minister. Without this part, there would be no problem in establishing a government.


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