Ron DeSantis seeks a free speech secret that allows controversial speakers at Florida universities

Gov Ron DeSantis said that all Florida colleges and universities should accept a resolution such as the “Chicago statement,” a statement on free-campus speech that states that all attitudes should be allowed to be discussed on the college campus, even if students are they could be “joking” or “very ugly”.

“We are here today to ensure our commitment to ensuring that all Florida's universities and public colleges will ensure that student talks and open exchanges of ideas on our campuses are protected,” said DeSantis during a Monday news conference at Florida State University, and president. The university on the side, John Thrasher, Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran and Marshall Criser, Chancellor of the state's state system.

A version of this resolution has already been adopted by scores of colleges and universities throughout the country, including Eckerd College, a liberal arts school in St Petersburg. According to the regulator's office, other state colleges and universities intend to accept the Chicago statement.

In particular, DeSantis addressed the content of controversial speakers – an issue that Florida is aware of, after the white national Richard Spencer spoke at the University of Florida in October 2017 and he had to cut his speech afterwards. After students drowned with the audience like “Black Lives Matter.” t

“At an academic institution where you have a speaker who expresses ideas, there is no room for the shop cross when you drop down a speaker or scream it down so they can't express opinions,” said DeSantis, and adding “later” in the case of Spencer the best answer is ”students have an empty auditorium. ”

He also said that he had noticed a “trend” across the country where universities were invited to address some controversial speakers, such as Ben Shapiro's conservative pundit, who said that most Muslims had “radicalized” and “Israel wants to build. Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage. ”

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“I think this is a sign of weakness on behalf of school administrators and I think this shows a lack of commitment to the free exchange of ideas,” said DeSantis. “There cannot be a safe space in business.”

Experts in the campus-free speech emphasized that the Chicago statement does not have teeth, although it can be a positive first step in declaring the institution's commitment to free speech regardless of the content of speech.

“It is certainly a positive step in the right direction for a public institution to assert that this is what they think of these issues,” said Joe Cohn, legislative and policy director for the Single Rights in Education Body, who carried out policy work and t law on behalf of students whose rights of speech have been infringed on campus.

“But they (universities) need to compare their hard work on their policies with the principles outlined in the statement.” T

But Jonathan Friedman, director of the free speech project of the PEN America campus, a national group of human rights writers and advocates, published a report on the free campus campus, said universities should not feel pressured to remain neutral. every issue in an effort you have open talk.

“Talking about free speech alone … not discussing tensions around other issues such as racism and an ugly speech can be discussed on campus,” said Friedman. “If someone on campus is haunting … we want the university to say,‘ We don't agree with this person and all these reasons. '”

The announcement came as the Florida law makers (Senate Bill 1296 and House Bill 839) called for each state public university to carry out an annual “assessment” looking at “intellectual freedom and diversity of attitudes”. by that institution. ” t

The sponsor of the bill, Rep Ray Rodrigues, R-Estero, has sponsored a University of Colorado survey as an inspiration for the project, which was compiled by a student and faculty who felt that the school was promoting the environment of every school. one of all identities and opinions. As part of this survey, pupils and students were asked to identify anonymously their race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation and political party.

And just last month, President Donald Trump issued a wide executive order on a free speech from university, asking federal agencies to ensure that colleges or universities that receive federal grants contribute "free inquiry." yes, those grants could be at risk.

Signing the order, Trump said that “professors and power structures” are keeping pupils from “challenging a strict ideology far from left.” T

DeSantis said on Monday that he agrees that the university faculty continues, although he said that this should not be the case.

“I have had liberal Professors over the years who have been very equal in promoting the other views,” he said.

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