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"Judge the other side of what you are guilty."

– Josef Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda National

Governor of Virginia, a pediatric neurologist, on a radio show said that the mother should have the right to keep a decision to keep it alive or kill it, basically, when the baby was born.

But this is the curious thing: This could not be found in trouble with its Democrat base. They were not cool with that; many of the Liberal Democrats think that all the way when you send your kid to go to school should have legal abortion. The Governor of North Norton is in trouble than a picture that was wrapped in the 1984 bookbook of dressing clothes for a toy clothing party or KKK outfit.

Yes, anyone who could act as an anti-civil Democratic party to slavery, the laws of Jim Crow, Democratic Senator KKK and Supreme Court Hugo Black, George Wallace , Mr. Robert "KKK" Byrd and Harry Reid. knucklehead 30 years ago.

In fact, Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia was a high-ranking officer of the Democratic Party (Grandfather's Grandmaster) and KKK as a recruitment head. He did not have a sheet but it was fitted with a fitted sheet, possibly 400 thread counts. In his defense, Senator Byrd, who used the word "N" in interview, subsequently admitted that he was dyslexia; he was not able to distinguish between entering the KKK, as he thought it was KKK.

In today's politics, racism can not be the opponent of Democrats, and a person who can not be "sex misconduct".

Jussie Smollett's "Empire" star recently claimed that two white white men in MAGA hats attacked at 2 a.m. in the Chicago bar area. He said they had broken their faces while racing / homophobic swinging on him, wearing chemicals on him, and putting his spin around his neck – a story that easily communicated all the fundamentalities of the liberal stories and still did not None of them arrested on the 20 police cameras in the area or a witness. As we learned from Kavanaugh hearings, if a person claims for sexual misconduct or racial behavior, we must believe him or her. Due to the current Democratic dogma, if you just question the story that you love your women or if you have racism.

To be Democratic today, you must be a victim, real or imagined, because DEMs must break victims on their party. They play the victim card as often as every 52 cards are on their deck.

The most successful America is, the less of Democrats need. They allow illegal immigrants to be convinced that they are also victims and serve as a new source of aggrieved voters. Dems do not want to get things better because they do not need things when things are going well. They roam against "Make America Great Again" on that basis. Name a city in which the Democrats have been in charge for many years and I will show you a traffic mess, packed, polluted by a city.

There is nothing about the Virginia election regulator. He won a race against Republican Ed Gillespie, but the story did not come out this year. Submit the Democrats playbook with opposing research such as Fusion GPS and Kavanaugh / Clarence Thomas dirty tricks. Why did not the GOP get out of this racist picture before the election? And why did the Democrats, who want their Union of America Lt. To replace the current Democratic regulator, but now to find it now? Because everything is winner in politics with Democrats. They sit as low as they take to win. Compared to democratic workers of the Democrats, the Republicans are still under the dirty tricks.

If you are Democratic telling the story of the media-driven party, you follow the rainbow colors and you can not be racist. In a colorful exhibition of race hypocrisy, Senator Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren's heroes are left. She has been red to get a job at the Brown University rival who has discriminated against the yellow applicants and is now our President called "Pocahontas", which is orange.

Think of leftists in Hollywood that KKK is just Khloe, Kim and Kourtney. The KKK membership of these sisters in L.A. to be more different from the one made by KKK in Mississippi.

The author and prize-winning author is freedom of freedom, Ron's guest often on CNN. You can contact or @RonaldHart on Twitter.

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